MyLOL Dating Site Review: Is This Platform Safe for Teenagers?

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Teenagers love spending their free time on various social media networks. If you belong to the age group of 13 to 19 years old, you might have heard something about the MyLOL site. It is promoted as a teenager dating site, which is extremely popular. After our investigation, we have not found a lot of dating-related features. The site is focused on encouraging young people to find new people and build a strong friendship. It is an excellent place to help teens to meet up and share common interests. The principal aim is to bring teens together no matter which country they come from, and let them chat with each other, discuss the common hobbies and interests, and share fun photos from parties or trips. Besides, the service helps shy teens make new friends.

The MyLOL site offers plenty of features to engage young people in communication as much as possible. MyLOL company claims that all services are 100% free of charge. However, we can’t agree with this statement because we found several features that only premium members can access. But most of the features are indeed available for free access. So, if you want to experience the full functionality of the site, you have to be ready to pay for the premium membership. It can be a bit complicated for teenagers who do not work and depend on their parents.

In this in-depth review, you will have a clear understanding of what MyLOL is. Let’s see if it is an efficient environment to find your first love. The most important is to stay away from possible fake accounts that are overloaded on dating sites. We will see if MyLOL solves the issue of security and counterfeit members. We hope this review will help you make the right choice for your exciting dating life.

Registration Process

Registration Process

Many users are curious about how to sign up for the MyLOL site. The operation is simple and will take just a few minutes. Generally, the signup process takes around 15 minutes to provide all the needed information. If you want to get started, you must go to the MyLOL homepage and sign up there. Provide information about yourself and whom you want to meet. You need to identify your gender and the gender of your dream match. Be ready to give your valid email and create a safe password. Now it is time to compose a creative and unique username. Your username is your representation; that is why you should take time to pick up the most expressive one. Make sure that your MyLOL username expresses your personality. Do not forget to fill in the general information about your age and current location. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the registration process. Now, you are ready to meet a lot of new people.

Key points of the MyLOL registration process:

  1. You can register using Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  2. Only teens (from 13 to 19) are welcome.
  3. The verification process can be skipped.
  4. You get access to the features after the registration.
  5. You have access to the search tool.
  6. Most teens come from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

It is essential to mention that MyLOL has been in plenty of scandals due to pedophilia cases. Teens should be cautious using such dating services. And parents should keep an eye on what their children are doing online. Such scandals are not surprising. The most significant disadvantage of the site is the lack of a screening process. As you can skip the registration and verification, it is the main reason why there are plenty of fake accounts. You have to know that such fake accounts download eye-catching images from the internet and use them to attract naive teenagers.

Chat Feature

As soon as you have officially registered, prepare yourself to have some fun in a new community. Young people love to connect and chat with new friends. Such communication is fascinating. That is why all dating sites and social networks offer the chat option. Users of MyLOL are allowed to send private messages to everyone they find interesting. For example, you find a person cute, and you can send flirty messages to start the conversation and to get to know each other better. However, you should not forget that we live in the 21st century, so the MyLOL team has introduced advanced features, such as voice/video chats. These features are fun and let you see the person you fancy almost like in real life. Besides, these features are not difficult to access. You need to use the search feature to check who is online right now. Then, when you need to see the search results, find a person you like, send him or her a message, and you are ready to start a new conversation.

Members’ Profiles

Most of the MyLOL users join this dating site to start long term friendship or romantic relationships. This means you will be requested to provide at least a minimum of your info. This process takes some time, but the more effort you put into your profile, the better results you will get. This information will help the site to match you with compatible users. If you want to get a lot of messages and likes, you will have to fill out this section. It is proof that you are a serious person who is ready to give your time and effort to new relationships. MyLOL members feel suspicious about blank profiles with zero information. Such time investment will pay off!

Can You Use MyLOL App?

Young people love to use smartphones or tablets. That is why they must have access to the MyLOL application. We made the investigation and discovered that this dating site offers an Android app. Many users share quite positive experiences using the app on their devices. We find the app very convenient because you do not have to sign in every time you want to chat with your friends on MyLOL. The only problem is that many teens do not want to download it on their devices. We can suggest you use the mobile MyLOL site, which has the same features as the app. It is nice that developers offer different options for interacting with the site.

Is It Safe to Use MyLOL for Teens?

When it comes to teenagers and the internet, there are always a lot of risks and questions. Many users wonder if it is secure to let young people use MyLOL. You have to be responsible and decide for yourself or your children. If you know how to use the internet, we encourage everyone to do in-depth research regarding safety features. MyLOL site has its safety page with plenty of safety tips, which users have to read and take into consideration. Hopefully, you are confident enough to sign up. In case you notice a predatory kind of behavior on the MyLOL site, you should not hesitate to contact MyLOL help and report any suspicious activity.

If you feel insecure, you should trust your primary survival instincts. We do not recommend you share personal information with other users. It is the minimum that you can do to protect yourself. Share your fears with the moderators. In case you feel like canceling your account, contact the administrator as well.

How Much Do You Have to Pay to Use MyLOL

How Much Do You Have to Pay to Use MyLOL?

All new members want to have a clear answer about whether MyLOL is a free dating service as they promote it on the internet. As with all advertisements, it is a way to attract a lot of new members. Of course, you can use it for free during a short trial period or have limited access to features. However, you can’t get the most of MyLOL if you choose a free membership. Being a free member means that you have restricted/limited access to such features as messaging. Besides, a free version is full of annoying advertisements. If you want to skip this significant pain, you should use the paid version of the site.

MyLOL Costs Are the Following:

  • 1 Week: 3.95 USD
  • 1 Month: 9.95 USD
  • 3 Months: 6.95 USD per month (total 20.85 USD)
  • 6 Months: 4.95 USD per month (total 29.70 USD)

Note that you can change your mind and cancel the subscription plan anytime. This activity can be done in the “Settings” “Payment” section.

What Special Features Does MyLOL Offer?

When you pay money for the membership, you want to know what advanced features you can get. Find the list below:

Chat Feature
  • Shout Feature – You can post your messages, which can be visible to all MyLOL users who are online right now. Note that you can post your messages only if you have approved photos by the moderator.
  • Votes Feature – The site has an exclusive list named “Popular Members,” where you can vote for a person you like and let them appear on the mentioned list. If you get a lot of positive votes, you have a chance to be featured on the MyLOL homepage.
  • Chat Room Feature – MyLOL site has a stunning community chatroom, which you should join. The only restriction is your image, which has to be approved by the moderator.
  • Blog Feature – Users can write blogs on any topic of their interests. Make sure that your topic does not violate the standards of MyLOL. You can find a lot of exciting content other members post regularly. Commenting is allowed.
  • Forum Feature – Users can start/join conversation threads. If you want to jump to popular threads, they can be accessed easily by highlighting.
  • Photo Moderation Feature – MyLOL site hires professional moderators who monitor all new graphical content people post. Inappropriate images have no chances to get uploaded to MyLOL. You will never see pictures demonstrating offensive content, racism, or erotic.
  • Suspicious Keyword Detection Feature – It is a significant feature to keep the site safe for teenagers. Moderators check messages to be sure that no one is engaged in illegal/inappropriate activity. Yet, it does not help to get rid of all fake accounts who are a potential risk to teenagers.


After reading our detailed review about MyLOL services, you will decide for yourself to join the site or look for something else. MyLOL indeed has plenty of features to offer, and many young people get interested. When you are young, you want to experience love, friendship, and long-term relationships. We hope that you will find the best match on this dating site.

In our opinion, the site is not 100% safe for teens despite moderation and security features. There are hundreds of thousands of teenagers who use MyLOL, and their safety and well-being should be the top priority. Do not forget that some users bypass security features and find sneaky ways to post inappropriate content or show rude behavior inside the dating site.

Particular attention should be paid to controversies that have been involving the site. You can go to the internet and discover that plenty of teenagers had negative experiences inside MyLOL. The most significant danger is that teenagers can deal with fake users, who are adults but pose as teenagers. A lot of parents do not allow their teens to use the site. A lot of them have organized and signed a petition. They want to shut down the MyLOL site. It is the only solution to minimize the risk of pedophilia on the internet. It seems strange that the site is created for teenagers, but the age requirements are up to 18 and 19 years old. When they start dealing with minors, who are from 13 to 17, it can cause a lot of legal problems and complaints. Think twice if you want to have problems with the law. Anyone can dupe the registration, that is why there are so many fake accounts, and no one detects them. Young people should not be shy about meeting new friends in school or sports activities. It looks more natural and correct for us! So, if you are a teen and you do not want to be entangled in a mess while finding new friends, look for more suitable and safe options. Parents should also be vigilant in case they discover that their children use such services. Speak honestly and show your teen the way how to communicate in real life instead of looking for friends on dating sites!