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Alt.com Review – Briefly and Essentially

Alt.com Review – Briefly and Essentially
About Girls
Date with older guy 74%
Reply rate 60%
Beauty 70%
Popular age 25-55
Profiles 760.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Alt dating offers one of the most exciting experiences in online BDSM dating.
  • Alt.com is also an inclusive platform that considers the interests and rights of the LGBTQ community.
  • Premium features are rather affordable.
  • It is quite easy to make chatting and video sharing on a different level and start a unique experience in an offline realm.
  • Unconventional taste is more than welcomed on Alt dating, where all users can be sincere about their fetishes.
  • Free membership is quite limited in functions, and users would need to switch to a premium one to get an extended set of features.
  • People share all types of information with their partners, which can be dangerous for privacy, even though a high protection level is well assured.
  • A level of members’ experience is rather different on Alt.com, and it is hard for some users to find the right partner for some users.
  • The registration process might take some time, as it goes through five different stages.
  • It is possible to encounter a fake account, but they can be reported and permanently banned.

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Alt.com is an online dating service that specializes in kinks and fetishes. People from all over the world can find a partner that aligns with their BDSM interests. Alt.com, as a BDSM dating site, offers a versatile experience of dating where search and matching are quite customizable in terms of particular kinks. Alt dating offers its users a bondage community that specializes in bondage dates. On Alt dating, all members can share their kinks while also attaching videos to their profiles and sending them to alt partners. Alt.com offers some of the most versatile BDSM dating in the world. An experience of fetish play and fun are essential prerogatives on Alt dating.

Who Can You Meet on Alt Dating?

As it has already been said, Alt.com is an online dating platform that considers all possible kinks to make every member of their community satisfied. Only adults can enter Alt dating, where they can also meet people who are over eighteen. Users can meet people of different genders and sexual orientations. Yet, what is most important is that everybody can find a partner with similar preferences in terms of kinks and fetishes. Alt dating specializes in the satisfaction of various sexual fantasies, and it is important that here, people have the opportunity to find and potentially meet those who will be a perfect match.

What is the uniqueness of Alt Dating?

BDSM dating site offers its users a unique experience that would allow all of its customers to satisfy their deepest desires. At this point, a particular focus is made on kinks and fetishes, where all people can find a partner that is interested in dominant sex, submissive play, bondages, and other kinks. This way, it is important that there is a sense of community where people can exchange their experiences and simply have fun when they transfer their intercommunication in the realm of real life. Interethnic, interracial, and inter-gender communication makes Alt dating more enriched in terms of experiences people can exchange.

Can BDSM Dating Site Be Accessed Worldwide?

Can BDSM Dating Site Be Accessed Worldwide?

Initially, Alt dating homepage language hints that this is an English speaking site. Certainly, people can change their language settings later. Yet, a language is not primarily an indicator of geographical particularities of an online dating platform. People from all over the world can access Alt dating, where they can meet different people from other countries. Be that as it may, search on BDSM dating does not only function about tags of kinks and fetishes that people look for, but it also works in terms of geography. People are most likely to meet other users who are located nearby.

Alt Dating Ethnic Inclusivity

As it has already been said, Alt.com is an inclusive platform that respects and encourages diversity. People older than eighteen years old, of all genders, of any sexual orientation, and with every possible kink, are more than welcome on Alt.com. BDSM dating site is a very welcoming platform, which is why there are no limits in terms of ethnicity so that people of any racial, ethnic, and national background are free to join.

Age Limitations on BDSM Dating

There is no maximum age limit on Alt.com, whereas young and old people are welcome on this website. Yet, there is a strict policy that people under 18 are not allowed to access alt.com. There is a multiple-level verification process that ensures that no minor could sign up and log in to alt.com. Any minor user who might have managed to trick the Alt.com system and access their services will be tracked down and undoubtedly reported for violation of Alt dating rules. All accounts of people under 18 will be permanently banned from signing in at Alt.com.

Gender Limitations

Male, female, shemale, transgender, no-gender, gender-fluid, or any other type of people who have a different gender can effortlessly become a member of Alt.com. Be that as it may, Alt dating also ensures that all those people would also be able to find a partner they would like. It is most important that people share a range of sexual kinks and fetishes because this is what Alt dating is all about. There is a definite need to note that there could be no limitations in terms of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation of Alt dating users. Alt.com is an entirely welcoming and inclusive platform.

Are There Any Limits in Terms of Sexual Orientation on Alt Dating?

Alt.com is an inclusive BDSM platform; it could be no limitations that would encourage discrimination. People of every orientation can use the platform for their benefits. People register on Alt.com to satisfy their deepest desires in terms of kinks and fetishes; it would be rather unreasonable to limit them in terms of the gender of sexual orientation. Kinkiest sexual fantasies do include all kinds of relationships, which is why Alt dating is unable to limit its users in any way. Alt.com is all about freedom and acceptance.

Registration Procedure: Alt.com Sign Up

Registration Procedure: Alt.com Sign Up

On Alt.com the registration procedure is rather simple. Initially, a user needs to provide some essential information about one’s personality. Age, gender, and location are a must. It also happens to be very important that all users indicate a preference for a gender they look for. There is no need to pay to register on Alt dating. Using Alt.com login, people can sign up as singles, couples, and even groups. Identity must be verified according to the official document. The registration process itself goes through a five-step procedure. Signing up does not require much time, and every user can make it within minutes. All emails must also be verified.

What Information Do Users Share With Alt Dating?

To register, every user has to provide some essential background information. Basic user information includes age, gender, and location.It is also important to indicate if you are a single user, a couple, or even a group. It is recommended to point out who the user looks for and all kinks and fetishes they are interested in. It appears to be a must to provide an identification picture that would verify a user’s account. Providing one’s email is also very important because every account must be approved and verified via an email address.

Alt Dating Verification Procedure

It happens to be very important in many ways to have one’s account verified. All accounts have to be verified to be well protected. Alt.com cares about the protection of its users, privacy, and safety of their data. This is why every account has to be firmly verified. Every user must provide an identification document with a picture so that one’s personality would be confirmed on Alt dating. Yet, a single document is not enough because users also need to provide their email so that their accounts would be secure. After going through all verification stages, all users will be assured of the privacy, safety, and security of their data on Alt dating.

How Long Do Users Have to Wait for Their Accounts Approval on Alt.com?

A five-step registration process is not, in fact, that long. There is no need to wait for an additional time to have the accounts being approved. Alt.com accepts all registration applications, and verifies all uploaded documents quite fast. There is no need to wait additionally to have one’s email verified either. The verification procedure is rather an instantaneous process, because Alt.com has a support department that works 24/7 at all times. Their support department manages to process all user requests efficiently and quickly.

Alt.com Profiles

Every account on Alt dating must be of high quality and have a very detailed description. The more detailed the description is, the higher are the chances for users to meet a perfect match. Profile description also assists largely in communication. Everything in your account should be involving and attractive to the person you need.

Alt.com Profile Information

Alt.com Profile Information

The BDSM dating site allows its users to create extended profiles with plenty of information to refer to. On a top panel in one’s profiles, there is a section that features some basic information. There is also a profile introduction, sexual orientation, and date of birth, race, and many other things. An important section features a person’s lifestyle description, one’s kinks, and preferences in a partner. The compatibility chart explains well what a person is looking for on Alt dating. There is also a gallery section where people upload their pictures and videos. In a separate section, users have the questions and answers department, where they can also communicate with other members. Another important thing is a personal blog, where people post their notes with pictures so that other users who follow them can have access to their ongoing background stories.

Alt.com Search Process

On Alt dating, a search process is highly customizable, and people can easily adjust it according to what they look for. A list of potential matches on Alt dating is created according to the indicated preferences of Alt dating members. People who have put in that they look for gay members or couples will be seeing such preferences in their suggestions list. At the same time, they can customize their search at any time. People can look for other users in terms of their compatibility, certain kinks that they come to be interested in, gender, age, and even geographical location. Yet, as for geolocation, only upgraded users can define the location of people they look for. Free members cannot choose other destinations, besides their current location.

Essential Features of Search on Alt.com

Basic search features include all of the needed functionality to get in touch with someone on Alt.com. Having a free membership, all users can participate in search not significantly different from those who have access to an extended set of search features. People can search according to their compatibility, join chat rooms, flirt, add friends, send gifts, and search for preferable kinks.

Extended Search on BDSM Dating Site

Extended search on Alt Dating ads some premium features to its functionality. The extended Alt.com features give a possibility to view and contact all members, be seen on the top of the search list, and be the first to contact new members, and many more. There is also an option of “hot or not,” where the user decides whether other member is hot and gives them likes.

How Does a Matching Algorithm Work on Alt Dating?

There is no matching process as such. Users must only indicate their kinks and fetishes while managing to find people with the same preferences. There is also a function of compatibility that defines whether people are compatible in terms of astrology. An additional feature, “hot or not,” reminds of a tinder-like swiping where people decide whether a person on another side is hot. There is also a possibility to join live video chats where people can discuss their sexual preferences.

Essential Features of Communication on BDSM Dating Site

Chatting is not an essential feature of communication on Alt.com. People visit other users’ blogs, see uploaded videos and pictures, and upload theirs. All users can also participate in a live video chat with another user or group of people. Users can also share their stories in blogs, post text, ad videos, and pictures. Certainly, it is possible to send a text message to other users, but it is not a primary way of communication on BDSM singles.

Chatting Specs

Chatting Specs

As has already been indicated, text messaging is not a primary way of communication on Alt dating. The most popular way one is a live video group chat, where people gather to share their videos or merely communicate with one another. Private messaging is not a feature that is available for free users. This way, video blogging, and chatting are the main functions of Alt dating.

Are Users Safe Using Alt Dating?

Safety and security are of high importance on the BDSM dating site. There is a five-step registration process which ensures that all private information is indicated correctly while also well-protected. There is a need to upload a picture identification document that would verify a person’s identity. With this, it is required to verify one’s email so that their account would also be well protected. In other words, users do not need to worry about their safety and security on Alt dating because the administration cares greatly about such aspects.

Privacy and Protection on Alt Dating

As it is pointed out by Alt.com reviews, the site cares about the privacy and security of all of its users. All payments are highly secured, and all user data is well protected as well. No accounts are made public for unregistered users. Private messaging is also encrypted and available only for paid users. With this, bondage dating users do not need to worry about their privacy and protection using Alt.com.

What About Fake Profiles on BDSM Dating Site?

It is possible that users can encounter fake profiles on Alt.com. All fake profiles, once detected, will be reported and permanently banned from Alt da.

What Are Main Consequences for Fake Profiles?

The administration of Alt.com reacts immediately once the fake profile is detected. They ban it permanently.

Alt Dating Support Department

There is a support department, to which all users can refer for help. Support helps to find answers to all kinds of questions. It ensures that privacy and protection of all user data are well taken care of. Alt Dating support team also makes sure to correctly process all payments, and refunds are made in case it is required. Not all users can refer to the support team 24/7, while such a function is only available for paid members of Alt.com.

How User-Friendly Is The Website?

How User-Friendly Is The Website?

The alt dating website’s map is rather large. There is plenty of features that might take time to figure out. There are many options for every user to enjoy. People can host their blogs, join live video chats with groups, send gifts, decide whether a person is hot or not, and there are many other things that they can do. It all takes time to figure out. Yet, the website’s structure is well organized, and every feature is quite easy to get used to once it has been figured out how to use them.

What About Alt.com App?

There is no app available. The main version of the service is the desktop version.

Free vs. Paid Membership on Alt.com

There is a possibility to choose between free and paid membership on Alt.com. Free membership offers some essential features while sending private messages is a feature available only for paid members.

Perks of Alt.com Free Version

The following features are free:

  • Registration;
  • Uploading a photo;
  • Joining chat rooms;
  • Flirt;
  • Send flowers;
  • Add to hotlist;
  • Add as a friend;
  • Hot or not;
  • Searching by kink filter;
  • Searching for live member webcams.

Premium Version Advantages

  • Paid features on Alt.com:
  • Viewing and contacting members;
  • Getting on top of the search list;
  • Being the first to contact new members;
  • Accessing members’ live and recorded video intros;
  • Viewing blogs, groups, and magazine features;
  • 24/7 phone support;
  • Access to ICQ, AIM, and MSN, ID’s of members in these networks (Gold Members);
  • Read and send messages;
  • Sending virtual gifts;
  • Pay-per-minute adult movies.

Alt.com Pricing: Price Ranges

Alt.com Pricing: Price Ranges

Silver Membership:

1 Month – 19.95 USD;

3 Months – 11.99 USD/Month;

12 Months – 8.33 USD/Month.

Gold Membership:

1 Month – 29.95 USD;

3 Months – 19.99 USD/Month;

12 Months – 12.50 USD/Month.

How to Cancel a Subscription and Delete a Profile on Alt Dating?

It is possible to cancel a subscription in profile settings. Profile deletion is also a function that is available through personal account settings—all these questions you can discuss with their support department.

Final Word

Alt.com is almost one of a kind dating service that offers a unique experience of BDSM kinks and fetishes matching. Moreover, Alt dating is also a kind of community, where people create their networks to exchange their experiences in BDSM. Registration is free and does not require much time. All accounts are verified with an ID and email. Private messaging is encrypted and available for paid users. All users can manage their blogs, upload photos and video galleries, and join live video chats. Alt.com is an international platform, as it is also very inclusive. It encourages people of all genders, races, and ages to join. There are no minors allowed, and all fake accounts are reported and permanently banned. On the whole, Alt.com is a useful service that appreciates sexual freedom.

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