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Kasidie Review – Meet Adventurous Singles and Couples

Kasidie Review – Meet Adventurous Singles and Couples
About Girls
Date with older guy 39%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 27-32
Profiles 73 450
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Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A large and active user base
  • Users are engaged
  • Fun registration questionnaire
  • Easy for short-term hookups
  • Event listings
  • Not many personality-based questions on the profiles
  • Few users available to chat with
  • Inability to see profiles for free
  • Cluttered platform
  • Limited free version

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If you’re a fan of the Kasidie lifestyle, then you’ll probably love flirting with sexually adventurous singles and couples. You know what you’re getting on a site like this, and what you’re not getting is a place to meet a spouse. The site advertises a lot of parties and swinger social events. Other than looking for hookups, the website also encourages users to find new friends and like-minded individuals. It’s a website that is heavily based around having fun. One thing’s for sure – you won’t be bored using it! Let’s find out more.

Audience structure

According to statistics, Kasidie is one of the top 15000 websites in the United States, attracting monthly visitors of over 600,000. Each person will also stay on each page for around 6 minutes at a time. These figures suggest that the site has a user base who spend a considerable amount of time on it. But what can be said about its audience? With a website of this nature, does it attract the right kind of crowd for you?

Kasidie Review

Is there any specification?

Because Kasidie has been specifically created for swingers in mind, they make up the majority of members. The website doesn’t require you to be a specific type of person to join, but you are unlikely to benefit from the services unless you are somewhat of a kinky minded person. It is not exactly the sort of place that is beneficial for people who are into long-term relationships unless they are looking for someone to have flings with.

Geographical structure

Most members come from the United States of America. Figures vary, but currently, you can expect 90% of members to be American. Other popular countries are the UK, Poland, Germany, and Turkey. Around 5000 members are active every week. Because the website is based on parties and listings, you may not have much luck finding these if you live in a remote part of the world.

Ethnic structure

The vast majority of members are Caucasian, but the website does promote people from all ethnicities. They openly say that they want people with “all body types, cultures, and ethnicities… who represent diversity and community”. It is great to see that a website is so open about promoting ethnic diversity.

Age structure

Most members are young, mainly around the 25 to 30 age range. You also get a lot of members between the ages of 45 and 50. This is what you would expect from a website that deals with a swinger lifestyle.

Age structure

Gender structure

Gender balance is moderately skewed in favor of women. The website has around about a 40-60 split of women to men.

Sexual orientation

Kasidie takes pride in having everyone on board. If you browse around on the website, particularly the chat rooms, you will find plenty of people of all sexual orientations.

Getting started: Kasidie sign up

When you look at a dating website, the signup process can tell you a lot about what’s in store for you. When you go on their site’s homepage, you’ll find a simple way to sign up. Users need to create their own username and password to have access. We found the process to be pretty straightforward on the whole, with some minor inconveniences.

Information you’ll have to provide

A new user will need to provide their email address and say whether they are a woman, man, or a couple. During the signup process, you will need to supply your location, profile photo, and age. When we tried out these features, we found the location answer formatting to be complicated. Unless you entered the first few letters of your home city and waited for the drop-down menu to offer what you are looking for, you would have many failed attempts.

Information you'll have to provide

Verification process

The good thing about Kasidie is that you can be up and running very quickly. The registration process will only take around 10 minutes to complete, including verification time.

Time it takes to get approved

Kasidie profile approval is swift, and it did not take long for moderators to approve photographs. No graphic or highly sexualized images are allowed to be displayed on the profile pages. Profile photos can be either cropped or blurred if you prefer to remain anonymous, and if you are a couple signing up, then the photograph can be just one member if you prefer. We would rate the approval time as satisfactory, compared to other dating websites.

Kasidie Account

The fun begins when you create your very own account. We were pleased to see that a lot of information can be inputted into the profile section. Many dating websites often don’t let users input enough information, resulting in poor matches – this is not one of those websites.

Kasidie Profile structure

After uploading a photo, there is a large amount of information that you can complete. You will be able to put in a large number of details, including the following:

  • Weight and height
  • The complexion, eye color, hair color, and other physical attributes
  • What you are looking for on the website
  • A description of yourself
  • Things that you enjoy personally and sexually
  • Personality clues about yourself

The more information you can provide, the more successful your match process will be. When trying out the service for ourselves, we found that we could not match easily until we had filled out all of the information.

Kasidie Profile structure

Kasidie Review – Becoming a Certified Member

When you become certified as a member, you will be able to create a profile that stands out as certified, thereby giving you additional credibility. This is an excellent feature that gives you a more significant chance of getting into parties and events since many people will invite people who can be trusted. Fortunately, the process is also simple to do.

Users will be able to search based on particular criteria, but they can also search for a user by username. The latter is great if you have met someone at an event and want to make a connection.

Basic Search Features

There is a wide variety of functionality available for searching members. Users can filter by essential characteristics such as location, age, certification, preferences, play comfort, smoking/non-smoking, and various options. The great thing is that all of the search functions and filters are available for free members.

Advanced Search Features

Kasidie wants people to have fun and find like-minded individuals, so along with searching for a user, you will also be able to browse around for networking events via the following features:

  • Travel – you will be able to post a calendar when you’re traveling, helping you search for someone to meet up in a particular place.
  • Parties and events – you can have a look and see if any parties or events are happening near you. You will also be able to search for erotic parties arising outside your local area or country.
  • Forums – this is a great place to look around freely and at your own pace. Members are having conversations about all sorts of topics, even unrelated to erotic encounters.
  • Rendezvous – different meetup events during the week will be posted here.

One of our favorite things about this website is that there are so many options available for you, but at the same time, users may get overwhelmed by the large number of tabs presented to them.

Advanced Search Features

Matching process

During our Kasidie review, we had a detailed look at the matching process. Overall, the website is antiquated in the approach because there are no fancy algorithms or features in place to provide you with matches. However, you do get more control when you are searching for yourself.

Getting in touch

Kasidie operates on being able to search for members manually. Users will select different fields and criteria to perform searches, giving them a lot of control in the process. Besides searching for a potential person of interest, users can also browse around for various club events, parties, and networking events to meet and connect with other members.

Chat features and interface

All of the chat features work well on the website, and there are no discernible glitches. We found that although the site has a moderate amount of active users at any given time period, few people are using the chat features. The vast majority of members will be trying to meet up at events rather than messaging people.

Kasidie Review – Is It For Anything But Hookups?

Kasidie is an adult dating-focused site, but it doesn’t have to be for hookups, ultimately. Members can browse around to form friendships, talk to people, and network. There are definitely many choices available on the site as to what you want to do with it.

Is Kasidie safe?

A lot of erotic dating websites have become synonymous with hacks, scammers, and fake profiles. When it comes down to it, Kasidie does a good job and operates above average privacy and security protocols. They are certainly a site that takes these matters seriously.

Data privacy and protection

In conducting our review, we probed the security and privacy protocols and found that they are up to industry standards. This means that you should not expect your data to be leaked or hacked.

However, Kasidie can include links to 3rd party websites on their platform. When you click through, you will then be redirected to other services on other websites. They care when you do this because these websites can have completely different terms and conditions that are independent of Kasidie’s.

It is also worth noting that in terms of conditions, Kasidie notes that they can collect non-personal information from their users for fraud prevention, marketing, and service improvement. None of this data includes anything personally identifiable, but if you are not the kind of user that likes this, we understand entirely.

Data privacy and protection

Are there many scam profiles?

We have carried out extensive searching of the website and found there to be very few profiles that we would consider to be scam profiles. As the site has a large user base, we contacted many of the users and read numerous testimonials – the vast majority of users have not come across scammers.

How is it moderated

Kasidie heavily moderates its service and also encourages users to do the same. As a user, you can easily report those who you think are abusing the service. The website makes it easy to do this – in fact, it can be done at the touch of a button.

Help and Support Team

Kasidie has a customer service team which you can reach out to via email. We posed several questions to the group and found that responses were relatively quick, but not the fasteswhen compared to other dating websites. One disappointing thing is that there is no phone number to ring, but if you don’t mind emailing, then you should have no problem.

Website usability

The website has an overwhelming look, mainly because of the large number of features available. However, it does have a user-friendly series of buttons, and the site is perfectly navigable by a non-tech-savvy person. Profiles also look rather cluttered because of all the questionnaire information. It would be nice if users could separate out specific questions because you need to do an awful lot of scrolling on a profile page. All in all, the website is functional and satisfactory in terms of its usability.

Is there is a Kasidie app available

Unfortunately, no Kasidie app is available, which is disappointing, mainly if you are on the move. We do not know if the company plans to roll out an application in the future.

Membership options

People can browse the site for free to have a look around, but the real fun starts when you become a premium member. Let’s look at the different options on the table for both types of user.

Kasidie Free Version (or free trial)

As a free member, you will get access to the following features:

  • Searching for other members
  • Browse parties and other events
  • Add club listings
  • Read forums

Premium features

Premium members get additional access, such as the following:

  • Sending friend requests
  • Sending emails
  • “Flirt” with another member
  • Post details of rendezvous
  • Use the instant messaging function
  • Chat in the chat room
  • Access additional photos from members
  • Host and join parties

Kasidie Pricing: Plans and prices

In general, membership is pretty inexpensive. You will only pay $19.95 a month, and you can opt for $129.95 for an annual payment. Whatever option you choose, it will be re-billed automatically. Payments can be made with all major credit cards.

Cancelling Kasidie subscription and deleting profile

Cancelling your profile is a quick process, and we had no problem when we tried it out with our own test profile. The site makes it rather fast and easy to make a cancellation. Once you click the option to do so in the settings, this is pretty much the whole process.


For a site that has been operating for over a decade, Kasidie has built a strong reputation for providing fun and safe erotic relations. This is the perfect site for people who are adventurous, single, and ready to mingle. There are a number of exciting events that people can attend to satisfy all thoughts of curiosities and needs. The parties really do look exciting and offer a great way of meeting other like-minded people, plus there are thousands of them and people are creating new events all the time.

Although it is a bit too clunky and packed with information, the site is easy enough to use. Compared to other dating websites, we think it could do with a revamp in its style and technology. It is rather old, and the way that you have to search for members manually, but everything works, and the customer service team provides satisfactory service. If you’re looking for some casual dating fun, then this swinger site is recommended.

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