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Loveaholics Review 2022: How Does It Work?

Loveaholics Review 2022: How Does It Work?
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Pros and Cons

  • Shared love – Those who use this site exactly know what they are up to. This means they can share couple hookups without anyone feeling cheated.
  • Free trial to premium features – this online dating site offers a three-day trial period on its premium features. On this, they can decide whether to upgrade or remain on basic accounts.
  • Extra security – this website has a safe mode security feature that ensures users' privacy and data are kept secure from hackers and fraudsters.
  • Accepts all sexual orientations – this website hosts all types of sexual orientation to its members. Whether you are straight, gay, or lesbian, you are assured of getting your match. It also caters to couple hookup ideas.
  • Mobile Application – downloading and installing its mobile application is free of charge to any user. You don't pay for it. However, the mobile app is only available to Apple users.
  • Proportional gender ratio: the number of men present on this dating site is almost thrice of that of the women. This means the site is overfilled with one gender. Fewer women imply men get a harder time finding their perfect matches.
  • Premium feature – basic features like messaging have been allocated to premium account holders. This means you need to have a paid account to access this critical feature.
  • Limited communication features – the website does not have adverse communication features as compared to other online dating websites.
  • Fake profiles – according to website reviews, this site has a lot of scam profiles that cannot be trusted.
  • Facebook registration – one cannot register using a Facebook account. This means one has to undergo all the registration process to enjoy the services offered by this dating site.
  • Premium features are expensive – as compared to other dating websites, paid accounts are a bit expensive with limited features.

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Loveaholics.com is an online dating website designed to match single men and women who are addicted to love and sexual relationships. You know, the typical adult these days. It’s described as a polyamory dating site, meaning it is a dating site for users who engage in multiple sexual relationships, with each one having consent from the group involved. These relationships are either regular dating or just casual dating, whereby individuals meet just to engage in sex for money.

Loveaholic.com is not a suitable dating website for members who require single, married hookups partners or those who want serious and long term relationships. These kinds of relationships are still available on this platform.

This polyamorous dating site is made up of members who are mainly from Japan, Poland, and Spain. However, other countries experience tens of thousands of individuals who use this website.

Audience Structure

Loveaholics Review

Loveaholics.com enjoys a large number of men and women who come from Poland, Japan, and Spain countries though membership is available in all major countries of the world. There are more males than females on this online dating site. This site also favors single parent dating.

What Does Loveaholics Focus On? (hint: Single Parents Dating Site)

The website focuses on single adults, but it’s also great for those interested in married hookup experiences. The best way to try the features is to sign up, but this is what we can say for now.

Geographical Details

This online dating site is mostly used by individuals who come from Spain, Japan, Poland, and the United States of America. It has a large following mainly from countries that take English as their native language.

Ethnic Information

This online dating site accommodates all types of races, which include black Americans, Asians, Japanese, Arabs, and Indians, among others. It does not discriminate on race.

Age Structure

As long as you are above 18 years of age, you are welcomed to use this website. However, the majority of members who use this site are between 25 and 34. This means most users of this website are the youth.

Gender Structure

All genders use the Loveaholics site. It might be men, women, or the transgender and does not discriminate on gender type.

Sexual Orientation

Loveaholics Orientation

Loveaholics caters to all sexual orientations. It connects men who need women, women who need men, men who want their fellow men, or women who are in love with their fellow women. This type of selection is always done when one registers an account.

Loveaholics Review: How To Sign Up and Login

Loveaholics Sign Up

Loveaholics’ registration process is straightforward and takes 2 – 3 minutes to complete. You must have attained the age of 18 and above to be accepted to register your account. Underage members are never allowed.

Information Required During Registration on Loveaholic.com

The registration process is made up of five parts, which one needs to fill to complete this account set up. Data required here includes:

  • Gender and the preferred gender: here, you are required to fill the gender you are and your preference. Here are a few examples: a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a man, man looking for another man or a woman looking for her fellow woman.
  • Age – you are required to select your age on this part. You must be over 18 years to use this feature as required by the law.
  • Email – here, you are needed to key in your email address. This should be the email you always use as it will be required to confirm your account during the Loveaholics login process.
  • Password: you must create a password on this part. Passwords must not be visible and should be easy to remember as they will be used in subsequent Loveaholics logins.
  • Live in – here, you must state the exact location where you live. This will also guide other members in finding you for that sexual experience. It may include a town or a city.


Loveaholics Verification

Verification is always done through the email address you have provided. The customer support system will send an email with a link. You are required to click on that link to verify your account. Another way is to copy-paste the four-digit code sent through the email address to verify your account.

How Long Does Verification Take?

Verifying an account is instant. You just have to click on the link sent through your email after registration or just copy the four-digit code sent through your email to confirm your profile.

Account Approval

Once you have verified and confirmed your registration information, your account will be approved immediately, and you can use it to find and interact with the hot models available on this dating site.

Loveaholics Account

Once you are through with the registration process, you can log in to your Loveaholicsaccount and update your profile.

Loveaholics Profile: How Is It Structured?

Loveaholics Profile

Members profile on this website is straight to the point and has brief features and descriptions. Information found on these profiles includes:

  • Necessary Information: These are just the details that define the member. Basic information consist of the member’s profile photo, age, username, and location. Members can also block and report a scam profile while on this primary information section.
  • Personal Information and Photos: this is a section where a member can update his own information and also upload his photos to the gallery. Personal data to this section include sexual orientation, ethnicity, hair color, and even the body type.
  • Location: This is where the member states his site. You can also visit this section to see other member’s area. This feature is available to both free and premium account holders.
  • Other information: Additional information that might be present here include personal habits like drinking and smoking, hobbies, profession, and income, among others.

Loveaholics Search Option

Loveaholics Search

This website uses your profile to give you a perfect match. It has the search filters which a member can use to get an ideal match according to the criteria they choose.

Search filters available on this website use all the features that a member might need to find suitable matches.

Elementary Search Features on This Polyamory Dating Site

Free account holders can enjoy the basic search features available on this website. This basic search only takes into consideration limited features that a user can use to get his preferred match. These basic features are not that reliable since they cannot give the exact game you need. The filters used in the primary search include age, gender, location, and sexual orientation.

Advanced Search Filters


These filters are only available to premium account holders and give more search options in addition to the ones offered by the basic search. Advanced search features may include user social habits, hobbies, and professions, among others, which are not available on a basic search. This search may lead you to get a perfect match as per your likes and preference.

How Does The Matching Process Work on Loveaholics?

Loveaholics.com has no specific matching process to its users, but it got features that can be used to show someone who has an interest in a particular member. These features include winks, likes, and friend request, which are used to show someone has an interest in the other person.

Sending of winks and likes is always free and can be used by Loveaholics users who are either on free and on basic accounts. You can also create an interest in another member by favoriting the member’s profile. This favorite feature also ensures member does not lose specific patterns since liked profiles are always grouped.

Getting In Touch (Singles, Couples Hookup & More)

Members can get in touch with other members on this profile via several means, these include:

  • Messages: members can communicate via the message feature available on this website. However, this is only available to premium account holders.
  • Likes – members can create attention to other members by liking their profiles.
  • Winks – winks can be used to relay a message between the members as this suggests a member is in love or is interested in the other member.

Loveaholics Search Option

Remember that it’s harder to find a married chat since the website is focused on singles.

Interface & Chat Features

Loveaholics Chat

The only available chat feature on this online dating site is the messaging option, which is only applicable to the premium account holders. This ensures only paid-up members have the privilege of sending messages and can be used as one of the measures to curb scam profiles and also stop fake messages.

Loveaholics.com does not offer webcam or video chats on this online social site.

How Safe Is Loveaholics?

Loveaholics Safe

100% safe. With its “safe mode” feature, this website optimizes its security to make it safe from online hackers. However, the safety of any dating website depends on the kind of information a user relays to other members. Members are always cautioned to be careful about what they share with the public.

The primary accounts on this platform have been denied the messaging feature allowing only verified paid up members to send messages. This security measure prohibits scam accounts from sending phishing messages to users of this website.

What About Data Privacy and Protection?

Loveaholics has an independant data privacy policy for all its users.

The data privacy policy shows how the website stores and shares its user’s information with other third parties.

All data is kept private. Members are cautioned too about the kind of information they share with other users. They are always asked to be extra careful about what they share.

Scam Profiles: Are There Any?

According to almost any Loveaholics review you might read, this website has some scam profiles. Just like other online dating websites, members are always cautioned about the rising scam profiles, and they should always report them to customer support or ignore them.

How Scam Profiles Are Moderated

These free profiles are not able to send messages, and their features are always limited. To be able to send a message, you need to verify and pay up for your account. The feature has been put deliberately to ensure these scam profiles do not send messages or harm users of this site.

Loveaholics Support and Help

The platform has a dedicated customer care support which offers support to users only during the weekdays, on working hours. Loveaholics also has a Frequently Asked Questions section, which is meant to solve issues faced by the client quickly. One can visit this section to get support by going through the frequently asked question and their answers.

The help and support customer care system can only be reached through the website’s official email address or through the “contact us” section available on the site.

Website Structure & Design

Loveaholics’ website design is straightforward and straightforward to use to every user who joins this website. The design is comfortable to be used by all age groups without many difficulties. The dating site color is white, with a blend of orange patterns in the background, which gives it a neat, beautiful finish.

Features available on the homepage include the search and gallery buttons placed on the left. On the right side, the website has an upgrade button for the basic account holders, notifications, inbox, and the profile view option.

The dating platform has other additional colors which are used to specify certain features. These colors include:

  • Green – to notify members on basic accounts to upgrade and also show if a member is online
  • Light orange – for profile notifications and other important alerts.

Loveaholics Mobile Application

Loveaholics dating website has no mobile application for its android users. However, this app is now available for Apple smartphone users.

However, this online dating site can be accessed via all mobile phone browsers, which can act as an alternative means for the mobile app.

The mobile version website has all the colors available on the desktop browser and gives all the functions of the website. Navigation via the mobile browser is superb and fast, just like on the desktop computers.

Subscription Options

The Loveaholics.com online dating website offers free account registration and profile update to all its members.

When you open an account, you are given a free account. Free accounts have minimal features and don’t offer much support when it comes to dating. Members are always requested to upgrade their accounts to premium to access all features of this website.

The Loveaholics Free Version

These are available to new members who have just joined. Features available to these free accounts are minimal, which means members can only access some of the basic features. Free accounts have no messaging features.

Members on free accounts enjoy the below benefits:

  • Free accounts opening: This website does not charge anyone when they register their accounts.
  • Free Profile update: members can update their profiles for free on this website.
  • Viewing members’ profiles: free accounts have access to other profiles. Users can view details of other members while on basic accounts.
  • Basic search: while on free account mode, members can conduct a basic search using limited filters, which may include: age, location, gender, sexual orientation, among others.
  • Sending Winks: members on basic accounts can send winks to other members to create attention or interest. This can be termed as a way of communication.
  • Favorite: Users of basic statements can add additional accounts to their idols. This makes it easier for them to make later follow up to these accounts.
  • Like: members can access and group personal accounts that they have liked while on the necessary considerations.
  • Free accounts must be upgraded to premium accounts to enjoy more advanced features.

The Loveaholics Premium Accounts

Loveaholics Premium

This online dating site offers premium accounts to its users. Premium accounts are paid up accounts and usually have more features compared to the underlying considerations.

Members on premium accounts have access to the following features:

  • Premium customer support: while on a premium account, you will get a full, rapid customer support system that deals with challenges there and then without wastage of time.
  • Messaging: the messaging app is only available to premium account holders. Members on these paid accounts can send unlimited messages, photos, and videos to other paid up members. Members are allowed to send as many words as they would want using these premium accounts.
  • Advanced search: members using premium accounts can choose more filters while conducting their search. These advanced filters may include members’ hobbies, social habits like smoking and drinking, profession, income, and much more.
  • Full-size photos: premium account holders have access to full images of other site users. They can view high quality, full-size pictures of other users.
  • Looking for information: members who use this premium account have access to view what other members are looking for in their profiles. This gives them a hint of what they should expect from other members.

Loveaholics Pricing

Premium accounts come with costs. Members need to pay up to be upgraded to these premium accounts. Loveaholics.com has several payment plans which a user can choose to upgrade their accounts. Subscriptions are always auto-renewed, but members can stop this feature.

These payment plans are as follows:

  • One month plan at the cost of $41.40 (most expensive plan)
  • Six-month plan, which costs $69.30, which translates to $11.55 per month (Moderate plan)
  • Twelve-month plan. Which costs 111.60, which translates to $9.30 per month (most cost-saving plan)

This means the more month plan you pay, the more savings you make on these premium accounts. Refunds are possible only when you don’t use the features you had paid for.

Canceling Your Loveaholics Subscription and Deleting The Account

Loveaholics Subscription

The Loveaholics.com subscription is auto-renewed once expires according to the plan the member has subscribed to. This can be canceled through the settings by deactivating the auto-renewal subscription feature.

Members can also request refunds after payments have been in favor of their accounts. These can be done by contacting the customer support with the following details:

  • Account name – the name used during registration.
  • Amount transacted – refers to the amount one wants a refund.
  • Card charged details: requires the first six and the last four figures of the card.
  • Website name – the current website you are using since the company owns a variety of dating sites.
  • The email address is linked to the account.
  • Reasons for refund – you must state the reason why you need a refund.

Refunds can only be initiated when you have not used the features you had paid for. The company reserves the right to accept or reject all refund requests.

Loveaholics Review: Conclusion

For users who want just sexual relationship with multiple sexual partners, this online dating site comes in hand, since it aims to connect as many members as possible who want to have unlimited sexual partners. However, some reviews have revealed some few members got hooked up via this website and are now enjoying long term relationships or got married.

This dating site has also invested in the “safe mode” feature, which protects its users from hackers, thus ensuring their data and privacy is kept safe. However, according to reviews, it shows the website has a lot of scam profiles. Members are always encouraged to upgrade their accounts to avoid these scams and also get the full benefits of this dating site.

Another drawback experienced in this website is the lack of mobile applications for the majority of Android users. However, one can use the mobile browser, which works at its best.

For those who would want unlimited sexual partners and love from the middle-aged group, this is the dating platform for you. Just log in and enjoy it.

It will connect you to the most sexually active members of the society, making sure your sexual needs have been taken care of. We highly recommend Loveaholics.com!

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