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MenNation Review: The Best Gay Dating Platform

MenNation Review: The Best Gay Dating Platform
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 89%
Popular age 27-40
Beauty 30%
Profiles 145 780
About Site
Visit rate 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Advanced chat messenger.
  • Search filters to get what you are looking for.
  • Chat with any users instantly with the free version.
  • 24/7 customer support from the website.
  • Dating tips from additional content on sites such as blogs and magazines.
  • There’s no Android app.
  • By default, membership is set to auto-renewal.
  • Extended features are available to paid members.
  • Hookups only, not for the long term love.
  • Upon deleting, users cannot recover their account.

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You might have come across various MenNation Review articles that haven’t given you the legit information about the site. If you are looking for a gay dating site where you can date bisexual or gay men, you should consider registering on MenNation. MenNation is famous for being a hookup site or site for one-night stands. This review article will clarify all your doubts about the website for whether you should go for it or not.

Structure of the Audience

MenNation Review

A variety of users use Mennation.com for dating. You can find a wide range of men looking for hookups and a one-night stand. For a long term relationship or something serious, then this website is not for you. Generally, the users registering here are looking for something over the short term. MenNation welcomes gays from all over the world and fulfills your requirement of hookups without ongoing into a serious relationship. Unlike other reviews, this article will give a brief description of what audience you will be found on the dating platform.

Specification of The Users

Yes, the site is only specified for gay dating. Due to this, you will only find men on this platform looking for hookups and a one-night stand.

Location of Users Registering On This Site

No matter where you live, MenNation.com is open to registration for men from all over the world. MenNation is a free dating site, there’s no restriction over registration, and you need not pay any charge for registering.

Age of the Users

The site follows the LGBTQ community guidelines allowing users of eligible age to register here. You can find users of all ages on the website ready to hook up, from 18 to 99.

Sexual Orientation

The site allows three categories of men to register for a hookup, bi-sexual, bi-curious or gay. No matter whether you are single or in a relationship with someone, you can still register on this website, searching for your desired traits in a man.

Gender of The Users

MenNation Users

The site is open to all the gay men out there. Well, females cannot register on the site. It can be concluded from the name of the site itself that MenNation Dating is only available for registration of gay or bisexual men. Users have claimed the website to be a real dating site to meet your desires of dating a man.


The site allows users of all religions and colors to register on the platform. When creating your profile, you get the option to select your race. You will have to choose between Asian, Black, American Indian, Mixed, and various other races.

Registration on the MenNation Dating

MenNation Registration

The process of registering on this site is simple and hassle-free. You don’t need any ID proof to register on this site, just give some details about you, and you are good to go. Continue reading this MenNation review to learn about the process of sign up.

  • To register on the platform, visit the official site of the MenNation.
  • On the website, the very first page you will see will be the registration page with two options, sign up and log in. There will be a registration form on the homepage, which will ask you all the necessary information.
  • You will be asked whether you are a man or a couple registering on the website. Now you will see a checkbox asking you if you are looking for men. There’s no other option on the box except to click on it or go back. From this, it can be seen that the site is only meant for men to men gay dating, and you won’t find any girls on this site. Click on next after you have done the above.
  • The next page you will see will be prompted to ask for your date of birth, your country, and your territory. When selecting your date of birth, you will notice that a person born after the year 2002 cannot register on the site, which makes MenNation restricted to users with the age of 18 or more.

When you hover over the dropdown list on selecting your country, you will be able to see all the nations. MenNation dating allows men from all over the world to date. When you fill your location, you will also be asked to enter your city. After filling your birth date and the place you live, you can click on next. You can either click on the back option to go back to the previous page and make changes to your selection.

  • Next, you will be asked to fill in your email address and set your username and password. A password that is less than five symbols will not be accepted.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to set some details regarding your sexual desires that you would prefer in your partner.

You will be asked to select your sexual orientation for the gay hookup, i.e., you will have to choose between gay, bisexual, and bi-curious. You will have to tell your body type. When you click on the option, you will see a list of options listing out the body types a man can have. The list options included are average, slim, athletic, ample, a couple of extra pounds, and BBM.

Next, you will be asked to tell about your race on that same page. You can choose between Asian, black, American Indian, East Indian, Middle Eastern, Mixed, Hispanic, Caucasian, and other. Below the same option, you will see an option to select your relationship status. You can choose between married, single, widowed, separated, attached, or divorced. The site is famous for gay dating and allows users to search for their desired match.

  • On the next page, you will see two blank spaces, asking you to write an introduction title about you, and the other one asking a brief description about yourself. The introduction title should be somewhere around ten characters, whereas there’s no limit to the description you will be writing. The description is optional, so you can either prefer leaving it empty if you prefer not to write anything about you.

Information to Provide on Your Profile

MenNation Provide

To create a profile or an account of the MenNation Dating, you will have to provide all the essential information such as your address, your desires, weight, height, phone number, beliefs, spirituality, and some other information. Based on this information that you will provide to the platform will help you get definite matchmaking and your desired gay partner over the site.

Process of the Verification

Verification of the site is quite an easy process. However, you need not any government ID proof to get verified on the platform. When you register on the website, you will be asked for your email address, which will later be used for the verification process. You can set your email address for the verification process.

Time Involved for the Verification of the Account

You can be assured of instant approval, unlike all the other gay dating sites that take weeks to verify the account. When you register on the MenNation dating site, you will receive an email starting the verification process. With instant confirmation, you need not wait for so long for your dating to start.

About the Account

MenNation Account

The only accounts you will find are of men and no girls. Your account will have all the information that should be there for the matchmaking.

Profile Creation

This MenNation Review article will guide you through the easy process of profile creation. Creating an attractive profile is what you should do to found your desired match. Profile creation on the MenNation is quite easy. You need not go over the setting options for the profile creating. During the signup process, you will be asked to answer a question which will later be used for creating your profile. Questions that will be asked for the profile creation include your phone number, qualification, what partner you look for, your skills, hobbies etc. In the end, you will also be asked to write a brief description about you with an attractive title.

A profile with an attractive description is what users look for on this gay dating site, and if you are looking for a lot of matches, you should try to make your profile as engaging as possible with a catchy description. Not only answering questions will be of any use until your profile picture matches the questions you have answered. Once you have successfully created a good profile, you can start with your search for the desired gay for a one-night stand and gay hookup.

Searching for the Profiles

Search criteria are the most interesting part of the dating platform. On the dating platform, a person searches for the users that meet their interests so that they can hook up with them, and that’s why it is essential to search based on some personality and search criteria.

Basic Search Criteria

Basic search features like browsing gays based on the location age are available to the users using the website. There’s not much involved with the basic search feature, but it enables users to find their perfect match.

Advanced Search Criteria

With advanced search criteria, MenNation.com allows users to search for the users for their desired partners. On the search option, you will get options such as distance, what you are looking for, age, sex, and some personality traits. However, personality traits give you a variety of sub-options to search for. Some personality traits that you can look for in the search criteria include race, height, weight, body type, and eye color.

Process of Matchmaking

MenNation does the hassle process of matching for you, without letting you get involved with all the stuff. MenNation.com uses advanced matchmaking to let you have the desired search partner that you are looking for. Also, MenNation does let you know about the desired profile with the help of the questions that you will be answering. Not only this much, but MenNation also lets you have a score of how compatible you are with your match. It will be done by analyzing the match desires of both the profiles. The score will also be based on the questions that have been answered by both the users.

Getting in Touch With the Users

Getting in touch is another aspect of dating platforms. Connecting with users is what many people face the problem with dating sites. Users are backed by limited features of communicating with the profiles they want to date. With MenNation dating, users can quickly get in touch with users they want to.

Chatting With the Users

With advanced dating, the platform comes with an advanced chat messenger. Chatting is the first step of dating before you proceed to the next level. With the chat messenger, users will be able to communicate with one-on-one chat. MenNation dating allows users to chat with emoticons. You can instantly send a text message to the users you would like to chat with, and there’s no restriction to using the chat messenger. Instantly chat messages to the profile you like, and if you respond to your chat request, you can continue chatting with them. Not only this much, but you can take the benefit of voice and video call. Moreover, you can not only send a chat request but also email the users.


When registering on a dating platform, users need to be assured of the safety of the platform. Before heading to creating your account, the user can check whether the platform is safe to use or not. MenNation takes care of all the fake profiles providing that no user is spammed. However, if any of the users on the website faces any issue with the website, they can directly report it to the customer service. MenNation will take care of all the unusual activity that is noticed by the developers.

Safety of Data

MenNation Safety

This part of the MenNation Review will cover all the safety guidelines. A privacy breach is what worries most of the users using the internet nowadays. With ongoing illegal activities on the internet, users are worried about their data leaked to any third party. MenNation dating confirms that no breach of data takes place on the platform. Data of the users is kept private and is not used anywhere except for the matchmaking. You can check the privacy policy page of the MenNation to ensure that the data is being used.

Scam Profiles Registering on the Website

Users can be assured of no scam profiles registering on the website. Users need to confirm their identity before they can start using the site for dating with other gays. With advanced filtering by the MenNation dating developers, all the accounts are checked for any sign of spam. It ensures that no fake profile or scam profile registers on the website. However, users can check whether the account is spam or not by checking the profile details. MenNation recommends not to chat with any user who you feel is fake or using a scam profile. MenNation dating allows users to report all the bogus profiles which go against their community guidelines.

How MenNation Deals With Fake Profiles

This part of the MenNation Review we will focus on how MenNation deals with fake profiles. The site takes some serious action on the profiles that are scam or fake. MenNation deletes all the profiles that have been reported by the users and goes against community guidelines. At the beginning of the signup process, moderators go through all the details provided by the users, ensuring that the details are valid. For instance, you cannot use any photo except yours. If you try to use some other photo as your profile picture, this will result in banning your account. Also, the site keeps a check on other profiles as well, so you cannot copy their info. If any profile is suspicious, then the account will be banned forever, and they will not be able to register again with the same IP.

About the Help and Support of MenNation

MenNation provides 24/7 help and support to its users. Users can contact their customer service anytime and ask the customer support team to assist them with their queries. In case of any technical support, unusual activity, the problem with a premium subscription, or any other issues, you can always contact the customer support of MenNation to get help with your queries.

Also, with the FAQ section of the site, users can get answers to most of their questions that have been previously asked by the users using the site. You can email or call MenNation to get free assistance at any time of the day.

Using the Website

Using the website is not such a tough process. When visiting the website, the first page the users will see is the login page. After successfully logging to the site, users will be able to see a list of all the gays waiting for hookups that are near you. You can match with the gay you like, and with the instant messaging feature, you can easily send a message request. With reflexive website design, the user will not face any problem. MenNation provides users a seamless experience with fast loading and responsive sites. People can turn on notification from the sites to directly receive the notification of the messages that they will be receiving from their date.

Is There Any App Available to the Platform?

There’s no app available to MenNation – what a drawback of such a big gay dating platform. However, this does not set you back from registering on the website. The only con of not having a mobile app is that you cannot instantly send or receive messages from the users. However, you can use the website on the web browser to chat with users around you. You can also turn on the notification on your web browser on the mobile phone to receive messages which fulfill the need for not having a mobile app.

Membership of MenNation

Users can opt to use the gay dating site’s premium version if they feel satisfied with their experience. Users can continue using the free version if they do not want to upgrade.

What Is the Free Version Like?

Many features are available with the free version and will not let the site feel limited. With the free version, users can not only match with other gays but also chat with them.

Features of the Premium Plan

Chatting with users over the website is a free feature; however, there are many other modes of communication on MenNation.com. Communication with the help of voice calls and video calls are a part of the premium plan, so users can only use it if they are registered as a premium user. Moreover, premium users can hotlist up to 1000 members, whereas, with a free membership, users can only set 200 members for the hotlist.

Premium Plans

There is only one plan of Mennation; however, users can get discounts if they plan to upgrade for a longer duration. A premium plan for one month will cost you $30, whereas upgrading the plan for three months will cost you $20 per month, and upgrading for 12 months will cost you $15 per month.

Deleting Account and Cancelling The Membership

The users can manually cancel the membership before deleting the account. Users will have to turn off auto-renewal to cancel their subscription. Once the account is deleted, it can never be restored, and membership will be gone. To remove the account on Mennation, you will have to visit the ‘My Account’ section and then click on delete my account. Then you will have to click on permanently delete my entire account. You will have to enter your password, and your account will be deleted.


MenNation Plans

This MenNation Review might have solved all your doubts regarding the platform. Overall, it is a good-to-go dating platform to register as a gay and start dating with other people of your type. For people looking for short term relationships and hookups, this website is what they should register for. Ensuring safety users can be assured of their data is safe.

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