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Russian Brides Review: Can You Really Meet Your Destiny There?

Russian Brides Review: Can You Really Meet Your Destiny There?
About Girls
Date with older guy 40%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 28-33
Profiles 234 189
About Site
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The platform is popular because of the catering of professional services. It is one ideal platform to match with a vast following of Russian ladies.
  • Online support available, and here one can manage to start dating. A safe dating environment is confirmed.
  • The site is full of sexy gorgeous female profiles, and it gets updated regularly.
  • There are thousands of active users, and the estimation brings the fact that there are 20 million users all over the world. The up-to-date guide is the best to help the new joiners.
  • The online mail order Russian brides portal is well built so that users find it much useful. There are plenty of practical applications like communication tools.
  • It is time-consuming because users find it challenging to go through all the choices.
  • The design of the app is of old fashion.
  • Some accounts have not undergone the verification process.
  • Most of the features are accessible to paid users. Free members do not use the useful application of communication.
  • It is not mandatory that all the accounts are verified on Russian brides.

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Online dating is worth it, as you can enjoy it being in any part of the world. Russian Brides is a simple dating site where singles can start making love affairs with mature Russian women. Dating a foreigner is not a far away option because it can happen by checking this particular service. Even in expressing love for a Russian girl, one will never find language as a barrier. There is the option in Russian Brides Review for translation services in offering better communication services with each man.

Those guys who do not have much time to find out partner offline can find their perfect match easily online. The ‘Let’s Mingle’ is one tool to get in touch with the most suitable person of yours. Dating a beautiful Russian female is a little bit difficult because the mentality widely varies. These sites are perfect to learn about them and manage to have a sexual drive. However, it depends on the factors, namely lifestyle, and region of belonging of a person.

Russian Brides Review

Audience structure

The website is legal and safe from the position of law towards Russian dating scammers. Any user can easily find the name and the actual address of its owner. No criminal proceeding for sharing porn materials or something like that got instituted against the service. Users need to check every single factor conforming to the safety of the website.

  • This is one such trusted platform that ensures the safety and security of the users. The profiles on the site are real, and it helps users to meet the favorites.
  • Further, users are entitled to the Live Cam option that will allow you to see your correspondent. Finally, note that you will also be entitled to webcam chat if you want.
  • It is not listed in Russian scam activities and fraud services.
  • There are no fake profiles. Verification of women is there where they have to provide their scan ids.
  • By opting for the ‘Let’s Mingle’ feature provided on the site, users can correspond to perfect matches. There are also options for sending virtual and real-life gifts, namely flowers.

However, in terms of sending messages and participating in online lovemaking, one must be more careful.

Audience structure

Is there any specification?

It is a fantastic platform where lovemaking will be a success. Here, each one, after landing on the page, will find it extremely beneficial. The profiles are of high quality, where a guy can make precise dialogue with a woman. The site works when one is actively involved in responding to the next person. It is the perfect Russian brides’ app because of the security lines.

This is one such appropriate online dating app or romance portal where people gather to enjoy the status quo and sexual drive. Meet the Russian Sims tress women on this site where guys can feel happy. On this site, about Eighty million online visitors pay visits annually. This dating site has become the most exciting and popular romance portal to find Russian girls.

Geographical structure

The first impression from the site casts impressive effects on the minds of love aspirants. Bearing in mind not to go for the glitter, let’s compare the lists of benefits and Russian scams that this website has collected the popularity of its online presence. It is generally a positive buzz making an online portal for connecting two minds.

Geographical structure

Ethnic structure

This portal managed to gather the views and preferences of males using the sites. Males like to share stories with Russian brides online. The smart, educated females have outgoing personalities for which males want to fall in love.

They discuss the ethnic structure of eastern Europe. Males worldwide are involved in search of their Russian brides. The Russians are conservative, so participants must be carefully selecting their partners. Rest assured, she must be educated and aware of the ethics of chatting if you come across her on the Russian dating sites.

Age structure

The young audience is the most active on the website. It feels comfortable in the online portal and usually has a positive attitude towards this way of communication. Since there is no scope of getting fraud, people interested in dating a foreigner can indulge in making love. Working professionals and interested in conversing with your favored Russian girl can certainly exchange vows on this site. There are no age restrictions because males feel free to chat with their mail-order Russian brides.

Age structure

Gender structure

The site enables the males generally to find their lady love over this platform. Hence, marriageable bachelors, both male, and female contribute to the workability of the website. This platform brings millions of hearts together to scavenge their life mates, both male and female.

Sexual orientation

Most of the members who have enlisted to the site are from the East European region. It is a useful dating platform that allows men to access their beautiful mail order Russian brides from any part of the world online.

The most significant part of this community is Russian women who belong to Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. If not acquainted well with this site’s dating norms and not educated enough, the females won’t communicate.

Sexual orientation

Getting started: Russian Brides sign up

The Russianbrides.com login registration process is very straight forward. Unlike the Anastasia dating site, you would require to provide additional details. Besides a known name and email, you would get prompted to provide your credit card number and submit an initial payment of 15.99$ to access the app. After the registration process is over, the money would get returned. For one month, your browsing of the site is free. However, for signing up, you can link your Google account or FACEBOOK account.

Information you’ll have to provide

  • All the users need to do is to put their name, email, and password. To speed it up, users can even sign up with your Google Account.
  • Confirmation of the email is required because Russian girls wait to see the replies of guys on that main page.
  • Create an attractive profile with a decent photo so that users will find it easy to find and search.
  • Choose the theme of your profile from dark, grey, and light variants.
  • Users can adjust their language, time zone, and location.
  • To get fast responses, users need to furnish necessary information regarding education, occupation, and body type.
  • Profiles need to list out interests and hobbies as well.

  • Information you’ll have to provide

    Verification process

    If you compare, signing up with Russian brides is very easy. Creating a personal email address or linking to a private social network makes the signing process quicker. However, there is a loophole; there isn’t any stringent verification email or approval notification. Yet, the site has a buffer for recognizing dating scammers to verify its members. The moderator team is effortlessly working towards eradicating false or invalid profiles.

    Time it takes to get approved.

    There is no specific approval system. You fill in the registration details and start chatting. Press the ‘let’s mingle’ button and start chatting.

    Russian Brides Account

    As far as your account on mail-order Russian brides are concerned, you are not bound to finish everything at a go. You can revisit the account at a later time and fill up the left items subsequently. However, complete or not, your account won’t get deleted. Moreover, your profile picture is sufficient. As a response to your Russian bride account, maybe it’s not complete in every sense, you are prone to receive lots of interest. The DMs of particular profiles collected might leave you surprised. But, unfortunately, it cannot be claimed 100% genuine. They might be messages received from hired scammers or people too desperate to establish love relations. However, you are susceptible to win hoards of responses from profiles that are detailed enough for your persuasion. Hence, to build your account on this dating site, you can provide bits of information about your appearance and what you want from your future life partner besides a profile photo. They might seem inefficient, but you don’t get morose; love can strike any moment with some pieces of effort.

    Russian Brides Profile Structure

    You should note the Russian bride’s site expects an informative and constructive profile from you. It is always authentic; the more you detail yourself, the more chance to pursue others’ interests. Once registration gets done, your profile completion would get prompted. Hence, provide as many details as possible without any bias and be assured of falling prey to Russian dating scammers. There are no chances of critical questions, or those may hinder your security clauses but expect to be asked to share your basic profile, information regarding your demographics, love interests, your generic hobbies. Moreover, you would need your dreams and what you hope to get. Once you get done with filling in profile details, the “Confirmed Profile” option gives you a chance to display your authenticity, and you don’t stand for a scammer.

    Russian Brides Profile Structure

    The most attractive feature of the Russian Bride website is its simplicity. Its splendid navigation tools and minimalistic design features ads to its popularity. Well, if you have met a Russian girl some days back and fallen in love, it can be traced to the Russian Brides site. If you are lucky enough, you can connect to tv actresses or celebrities too.

    Basic Search Features

    The website provides you with a lot of search options. You can discover your lady love by applying filters. You can filter based on their height or hair color, whatever you want. Moreover, if you seek girls based on their hobbies, you are benefited. Nature lovers, travelers, food lovers, and sports can get traced with the filters’ help. Besides, if you are unable to access your laptop, you can use Russian brides apps. Hence, you can stay connected 24X7 from wherever location you travel to. For both Android and iOS, Russian Brides have come up with mobile apps. Additionally, the site permits access to your inbox. Moreover, video calls can get made if wished.

    Advanced Search Features

    The website has advanced search features available for you that enable you to perform a more in-depth investigation before proceeding with matching.

    You are capable of

    • Tracking age range
    • Geographical location, country
    • Partner’s interests and hobbies
    • Find out height, weight, eye color, etc., relating to appearance.
    • Smoking or drinking habits
    • Education
    • Number of children
    • Languages known

    A lot more. More specific filters are available on this Russian dating site.

    Matching process

    As per Russian culture, Russian women are very conservative, so finding a bride in Russian background is quite tricky. However, this dating platform lets you discover Russian singles based on their profiles. Moreover, if rightly put, you don’t have to accept and choose randomly. You only get closer to profiles; those correspond and meet our expectations. Only profiles those links formally are subjected to chat and mingle more.

    Moreover, this Russian dating site gives you an opportunity to chat and further proceeding with an appointment. Hence, if you wish to get in touch with those beautiful girls in your contact, you can go ahead with the “Let’s Mingle” tool. The team of the site will connect you to those profiles that suit your search criteria. Very useful for those singles who keep busy at work, hardly manages time for net surfing.

    Getting In Touch

    To get in touch, to make the matching process faster by contacting, you can proceed with the following:

    • To access to few extra features, buy credits.
    • Enjoy the video chat facility; you get the opportunity to broadcast yourself and meet Russian women.
    • You get the privilege to buy and gift items to your loved ones.
    • Free usage of “Let’s Mingle” throughout the day
    • You enjoy sending unlimited free messages.

    Chat features and Interface

    Yes, there is a chat room available on the Russian brides’ app. Over and above, you have a live chat; you can chat with Russian girls at any time of the day. The only requisite is that you must be having enough credit to make it happen. To keep the chat process continuous, if you are running low on credits, you can purchase credits using the “auto-purchase” option available on the Russian Brides site. This credit purchase feature is available in settings. If you wish to slow down in shyness, you can opt for sending offline messages or emails to your partner. After selecting “let’s mingle,” you are prompted to “get started.” In the get started command, you mention your preference. It would lead to a matching profile. Once done using the “send message” command, you can send messages to chosen profiles.

    Is Russian Brides Safe?

    The Russian Brides website has strict security policies to verify how authentic the girls’ profiles on their web page are. The company has invested over a million dollars to ensure security against Russian dating scammers. Every nook and corner of the website gets surveyed to restrict any gap policies is imposed.

    Data Privacy And Protection

    The Russian Bride Review website ensures real-time protection to its subscribers from both ends. The management has taken adequate protection strategies to check the kind of traffic accessing the site; moreover, dating sites better themselves in privacy and protection facilities with time.

    Are there Multiple Scam Profiles

    Wise enough, the Russian dating site is the most prominent dating website of today. They have established prime positioning in fighting against fraudulent practices and effectively erase any scam profiles. Active team members keep a vigilant watch of traffic. Those who are notified by users as a scam and fraud get action taken immediately. Moreover, Russian Brides’ effectiveness lies in its recognition of gorgeous brides and exhibiting to valued customers.

    How do the Russian Brides deals with scum profiles

    As discussed earlier, moderators work for you at Russian Brides, who keep a vigilant check of traffic happening all day of Russian scams. They have a system to identify fraud and remove the scum profiles before they hamper transactions with valued customers.

    Help & Support

    In case you encounter a problematic situation with either of the features at the Russian Brides Review site, you need not worry. You can email any time to the help center, which is to serve you. Moreover, the site encourages its users to help provide red flags out of suspicious, harmful, and abusive profiles. In a way, allow the support team to identify and remove scum profiles before any further harm.

    Website Usability

    The first impression of the website might not be glorious. But it is advisable not to judge the credibility of the site reading its cover. You are earnestly requested to understand its inherited features once you register. Not only sleek, user friendly, the beauty of bend of useful features, and organized features make the Russian dating sites unique. Moreover, the site get equipped with excellent navigation tools.

    Is there is a Russian Brides app available

    • Unfortunately, the Russian Bride website does not provide any app service. However, you can avail of mobile services on your mobile using phone browsers. The website gets equipped with an optimized version of the desktop that enables you to operate the site on mobile.
    • However, desktop versions have the same utility as the app. The only difference is the app is more compact in appearance.

    Russian Brides free Version (or free trial)

    There are two types of membership available for the Russian brides’ app. Free and paid. As the type suggests, you can envisage what it means.

    Following is a list of features available for free users

    • Free Registration
    • Use of “Let’s Mingle” filter once in a day
    • Offline message sending
    • Chat facility with ten different users for 3 minutes
    • Email to introduce

    Premium features

    Special features and advantages of Russianbrides.com premium account are listed below:

    • All the Credit packages are provided with discounts
    • For the first time, an offer of 20 credits worth 2.99$
    • Unlimited use of “Let’s mingle.”
    • Video chat, offline texting, and sending emails are unlimited.

    Russian Brides Pricing: Plans and prices

    Fee structure, as compared to other Russian dating sites, is average. Twenty credits charge you 2.99$, however, for each month, and it is 15.99$. Payments are possible with a credit card or mobile.

    Cancelling Russian Brides subscription and deleting profile

    Step by step methods is specified in Russian brides to delete your account. In case you require help, drop an email to support@russianbridesmail.com. Also, specify the reasons for discontinuing and deleting the profile.


    The Russian Brides review is a decent way to learn about the portal for millions of online users. One of the most talked-about things in Russia is girls. Most often, men want to fall in love living abroad. Dating Russian girls while living abroad will give you a different experience than you can remember and cherish all your life.

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