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SugarDaddyMeet Review

SugarDaddyMeet Review
About Girls
Date with older guy 35%
Reply rate 85%
Popular age 35-45
Beauty 45%
Profiles 3 560 000
About Site
Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A large user base
  • Some interesting features
  • Simple and functional
  • Well put together and comprehensive chat function
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Caters to niche interests
  • Gender imbalanced
  • Expensive
  • The site has an old-fashioned look.
  • You can’t join unless you are from a specific country.

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As you may guess from the name, SugarDaddyMeet is a service that facilitates Sugar Daddies to create relationships with younger women. They have been providing a reliable service for at least a decade, operating exclusively in only the top 20 wealthiest countries of the world to concentrate their user base. Since Sugar Daddy Meet launched initially, they gained over 2 million users. The website is owned by SuccessfulMatch.com who own several other dating websites such as BiCupid and OlderWomanDating. So what can you expect from this website? We’re going to tell you everything you need to know.

Audience Structure


When you look around on the website, you can expect to find roughly 7500 daily logins. The women on the site are looking to date older men, particularly people who can provide them with financial assistance. Because of this, you generally find a lot of wealthy people online.

Are there any particular specifications?

There is no particular specification when joining, although you can probably tell from the name and what we’ve said so far that the website is for young women and older men.

Geographical structure

Members usually come from the top 20 wealthiest countries around the world, most of which come from the United States of America. You can expect to find around 600,000 from the US alone.

Ethnicity Structure

SugarDaddyMeet Structure

Although the audience is slightly skewed towards white men and Asian women, there is otherwise a pretty even split in terms of ethnic structure.

Age Structure

There are over 1.8 million users registered on the website, most of which are women, known as Sugar Babies. Women comprise at least 1.4 million of the user base. As a woman, you probably won’t have much luck if you are above middle aged because this is a website specifically for older adults and young women.

Gender structure

The website is heavily skewed in terms of having a large female user base. Although this is favourable for the Sugar Daddy in question, it does make it difficult for a female to get a match.

Sexual orientation

SugarDaddyMeet Structure orientation

Sugar Daddy Meet facilitates both heterosexual and same-sex partnerships. Even though the website name and home page may suggest strictly heterosexual relationships, as you signup, there are options to meet either men or women, regardless of your gender.

Getting started: SugarDaddyMeet Sign-up

It may take a little longer than most “kinky” dating websites in terms of the signup process. Signing up is usually facilitated through Facebook, although you can use an email address as well. You will be asked to fill out a variety of personal information, as well as provide a headline, an “about you” section, and information on what you’re looking for.

Information you’ll have to provide

When you are registering an account and creating a SugarDaddyMeet login, a mobile phone number needs to be provided so that a confirmation code can be sent. The reason for this is that this particular website only accepts members from the 20 wealthiest countries in the world. If you are not one of these countries, then you will not be able to join. It’s rather unfair for people who have the looks or the money but happen to live in an impoverished nation.

Verification process

SugarDaddyMeet Structure process

To complete the verification process, users will be asked to upload a profile photograph. This can be easily imported from Facebook, and it is good that the integration exists to help users out.

Time it Takes to Get Approved

An approval process is carried out with your photo upload. When we tested out for ourselves, it usually took around 30 minutes, which is pretty fast. However, people online have reported the verification lasting up to 2 days.

SugarDaddyMeet Account

Now that we’ve discussed what you need to know about signing up, let’s find out more about user accounts. In general, we did not identify any distinct problems with the profile sections or signing up. It was actually quite fun to fill in the profile, and the website make the experience pretty simple.

SugarDaddyMeet Profile structure

SugarDaddyMeet Structure structure

In a profile, you can expect to find a lot of interesting details from users. Most users get out of their profiles, but we did see quite a large proportion of users who had not done so, thereby diminishing the experience. Profiles have three different times, namely “Activities,” “Profile” and “Comments.” The “Profile” section displays all of the information about a member’s background, appearance, and lifestyle. When you click on “Activities,” it shows all of the different activities that a user has carried out on the website, and “Comments” displays all of the approved testimonials that have been left by other members. Members can also take the time to answer some “Fun Questions” and believe us when we say that these are very interesting!

Searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right is not particularly complicated. There are few basic and advanced features to play around with. On the one hand, this leaves you with a less tailored match, but it can also streamline the whole process.

Basic Search Features

SugarDaddyMeet Structure Features

If you want to get the most out of Sugar Daddy dating, you will have to pay because otherwise, you can’t search for members by location. We would prefer it if the website offered free users the ability to browse around their user base before becoming members, as is usually provided in the world of dating sites. This would allow people to know what they were paying for. However, you can at least search for members in your state.

Advanced Search Features

When you become a paid member, you will be able to advance your search, and we are pleased to say that the advanced search features are very comprehensive. Some of the filters include education level, location, ethnicity, body type, and much more. You can even save your search criteria for one-click convenience the next time you want to search. This is a pretty neat feature because we have all been through the agony of reselected filters time and time again.

Matching process

This particular dating service works on the premise of Young and beautiful women looking for older male members, or similar same-sex arrangements. Searching for members is how the vast majority of users are matched up together and how people get in touch on the site, although there are other ways too.

Getting in touch

SugarDaddyMeet Structure touch

Most people will search for a profile that they find appealing and then send a message to that person via the chat button to get in touch with a member. Other than this, you can also find people with a roulette feature called “Let’s meet,” as well as a forum. There isn’t a whole load of ways that you can meet other people when compared to other dating websites, giving the process an old-fashioned feel to it. However, it’s simplicity means that it is straightforward enough to use.

When people are getting in touch, one nifty feature is that if somebody winks at you, as you as a favorite or send your message, you will be notified immediately in the top navigation bar. Free users can respond to messages sent to them by premium members, but they would not be able to send messages themselves until they become members.

Interface and chat features

The chat feature on the website is easy to use, and we did not encounter any problems using it. It is much like any other standard chat feature that you would expect to find on any dating website. Nothing special, but no problems either.

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can video chat with a match, and we would have preferred to see the person we were matching with. As the website prides themselves on the superficial focus of facilitating relationships with “pretty women,” it would have been good to be able to see them in the flesh.

Is SugarDaddyMeet a safe site?

There are a lot of unsafe dating websites out there, but we find that SugarDaddyMeet.com is a safe site. It is a legitimate website that has a strict privacy policy and our terms of usage. They take violations seriously, and people who misuse the service will have their account immediately suspended.

Data privacy and protection

SugarDaddyMeet Structure privacy

Even though this dating site is a legitimate website, there are some things that you need to take into account relating to their privacy policy. Some people may err of the side of caution because this website is part of an extensive network, and personal information can be shared with third parties on the network to increase the chances of your match. This can be either beneficial or undesirable, depending on the way that you look at it.

We would advise you to pay close attention to what you agree and disagree with – personal data is protected, but you should decide if you feel strongly about other websites having access to it. By no means will your information be shared with any third parties other than those on the network, but we would suggest looking at the other websites that SuccessfulMatch owns as well.

Are there many Sugar Daddy Meet scam profiles?

In conducting our review, we looked at several SugarDaddyMeet reviews on the internet, reviewing testimonials from users or former users of the site. We did not find much in terms of scam profiles, with most of the user base being legitimate people. The good thing is that to make full use of the website, you will have to pay, thus helping to ward off numerous scammers.

How is it moderated?

As previously mentioned, Sugar Daddy Meet will immediately suspend any account that does not comply with their strict code of conduct. Members can take their own steps to block abusive users, so if you think that a profile is fishy or don’t want someone to contact you, blocking can be done at the touch of a button. Users can also report other users for violations by clicking the “Report a Concern” button.

Help and Support

We reached out to the support team and found them to be swift with responses to questions. It did not take long for queries to be answered. This is reassuring because so many dating sites put you on hold or never get back to you altogether!

Website usability

When you look at the design of Sugar Daddy Meet, it is rather straightforward and clean. All of the features are neatly organized into separate category tabs, and settings can be easily modified. Everything is quite clearly arranged, and in terms of user experience, navigation is easy. However, it is not the most breathtaking of designs, and although it is simple, it does not impart a feeling of fun or curiosity.

Is there is a SugarDaddyMeet app available

The Sugar Daddy dating app contains much fewer features than on the website, which is somewhat disappointing to see. The main features that you can access are called “Swipe” and “Search,” allowing you to either search through the list of potential matches or swipe through matches in a roulette type manner typical of sites such as Tinder. We find the design and overall appearance of the app to be jarring, mainly because it is not consistent with the website version. As an example, when you sign in via the application version, you will be asked whether you are a male or female, whereas, through the website, you need to choose whether you are a “Sugar Baby” or “Sugar Daddy.” Inconsistencies like this occur throughout the application.

Membership options

As a free member, there is a moderate degree of freedom to browse and make use of the site’s features. However, other dating websites usually do a better job of allowing their unpaid users to explore. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to get from both the free version and premium.

SugarDaddyMeet Free Version

Free users will be able to receive messages and reply to them. However, they will not be able to send messages of their own. “Winks” can also be sent to users, adding a light, flirtatious touch to the proceedings. You will be able to add a user to a favorites list, as well as different photos or comments. Free users will also be able to request access to view a user’s private photo album.

Premium features

When you get a premium account, the best thing is that you will be able to send messages. Premium users can also take advantage of advanced search filters, see when a user last logged in, use the chat function, and propose a first date gift. There aren’t a lot of unique features on the site compared to many others, but there is enough to facilitate effective communication.

SugarDaddyMeet Pricing: Plans and prices

Premium membership is offered to both Sugar Daddy’s and Sugar Baby’s at the cost of US$50 a month. This is an uncompetitive and rather expensive price, but the monthly cost does drop down to US$24 per month if you subscribe for six months. All prices are always listed in US dollars and the website supplier currency calculator on their page if you want to know how much it costs in another currency. This is quite a unique and beneficial feature, especially when the price is so high.

Cancelling SugarDaddyMeet subscription and deleting profiles

When trying to delete a profile, it was quick, and we did not encounter any problems. It is easy and straightforward to make a cancellation too. The processes don’t take any time at all, and you can safely remove your account or subscription as soon as you choose the option.


Sugar Daddy Meet is undoubtedly a website for a very niche clientele and will only satisfy particular interests. In general, the site has a satisfactory functionality and a rather large user base. It is also reassuring to see that there are very two very and scam profiles, mainly because of the strict guidelines and moderation. If you’re looking to fulfill your needs either as a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby, it will be more difficult for the latter because of the number of women on the website. We hope you have found our SugarDaddyMeet review informative and will try it out for yourself.

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