TSDates Review 2020: How Does It Work?

TSDates Review 2020: How Does It Work?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 25-44
Profiles 101.923.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It offers users multiple ways to interact with potential matches
  • The site has advanced search filters for enhanced discovery
  • It comes with an amazing array of special features
  • The membership fee is also reasonable
  • TSDates.com provides an exclusive meeting room for people looking for transgender relationships
  • The Registration process is simple and straightforward
  • There is no mobile app for the desktop version
  • Only Gold membership accounts can view details and photos of other profiles
  • There is a possibility of running into fake accounts
  • For a user to do something meaningful on TSDates, they have to pay subscription fees
  • Users can access other members' activity feeds
  • The nudity and explicit content might be too much to some users

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Everyone is entitled to love and to feel loved. However, finding love in the LGBT community can be quite a struggle. It is an all too familiar story that involves a series of bad dates and friends and family trying to set you up with their coworkers. If you are tired of these scenes but still hoping to build a meaningful, long-term connection, then there is only one stage set for you online; TSDates.

Okay, so TS Dates might not be the only Transgender-friendly dating site out there, but this is the right platform for you if you are looking for one thing, long term. If you happen to pick the wrong site, it can lead to some disastrous results that might leave you in the hands of someone looking for casual fun. This is a problem with most dating sites; anyone can sign-up without any kind of commitment. In the end, you are left with a distant experience of LGBT dating online. TSDates.com gives you a platform where you can connect with potential matches online and even goes the extra mile to keep you from feeling exhausted.

The truth of the matter is that you cannot plan for love. Even on TSDates, you can only go for so many tranny dates before love finds you at the right time. However, the trick is to ensure that your experience is elevated, so you do not see the process as pointless. If you are ready to meet transsexuals and find the right transgender partner for you, then you cannot mess things up. Use a site like TSDates.com for a different tranny date experience. Like anything, it helps to everything there is to know before trying things out yourself. Here is everything you need to know about TSDates.

Audience structure

Audience structure

The big advantage of using popular dating sites like TSDates is that they are extremely popular, and membership keeps growing. TSDates.com is a platform that offers people in the transgender community an opportunity to meets other singles for a sexual encounter or virtual intimacy. Besides, TS Dates has the number to prove that people get the utmost satisfaction on their site.

The website boasts over 101 million users drawn from every corner of the world. The website was launched in 1996, and it is not hard to believe how they gained such a huge following. Over 20 years later, TSDates.com is still counting new users and gains more visitors and followers each month. The number of monthly users is said to be almost three million. As such, you can believe the TSDates gives you the best shot at meeting the right partner for you.

Is there any specification?

Since its launch in 1996, TSDates has been around for quite some time. Its success is evident in its membership base; just look at the statistics. If you dive deeper into the numbers, you realize that most of the users are transvestites, transsexuals, and transgender. The data also reveals that the website also has a high following of straight men and women. However, they only make up a tiny portion of the entire local member population.

Geographical structure

All those accounts only mean that the geographical locations of its members are well spread out all over the world. The TSDates community is continuing to grow and heading to a record one billion users. After analyzing the data, you can easily see that the population is composed of members from all over the world. The majority of users and daily visitors come from the United States, which makes up to around 30% of the website’s membership and traffic.

Ethnic structure

The bulk of traffic on TSDates comes from American users. Americans make up the majority of the estimated daily website visitors, which stands at over ten thousand visitors per day. The website is packed with Americans looking for playmates of all ages and backgrounds. That’s why it enjoys massive popularity in the transgender community, with millions of users visiting each month. TSDates also hosts members from other countries from all the continents of the world. You can browse, search, and flirt online with people from the other side of the world, as well as scope out a tranny date with someone from an exotic ethnic community.

Age structure

Success is a commonplace on TSDates.com. This hotspot for transgender dating is known to create first and second dates, then relationships and marriages. The membership age structure is well spread out, giving users a variety of choices. A majority of the members on TSDates are spread between the age groups 25 to 35 and 35 to 44 years. The ratio of males to females in these age groups is also quite reasonable. Despite that fact number of male members still, dominate the number of female members. There is also a significant number of users who are 55 years and older on the website. To become a member, one has to be 18 years and older. Hence, the smallest age-group is 18 to 24 years, which makes up a tiny portion of the website’s total population.

Gender structure

Like a majority of dating sites, the male population is still higher than female members. With that said, one can only conclude that the membership structure is still satisfying. As a giant in the transgender online dating scene, TSDates’ user base is sufficiently spread across different age groups. Furthermore, the suggested matches are generated using a formula that relies heavily on your preference. Besides, since the members hail from different geographical locations, TS Dates provides users with a platform where they are statistically more likely to meet singles than through offline avenues.

Sexual orientation

The end goal of TSDates is not only linking transgender people to successful dates but also provide a safe and secure environment where people can connect. As mentioned, the membership on TSDates.com is largely made up of transvestites, transsexuals, and transgenders. Your chances of being matched to a straight member are slim. All in all, the data clearly shows that TSDates is quite popular with people across all genders. So, you can expect a fulfilling and lasting user experience on the dating site.

Getting started: TSDates Sign up

Getting started: TSDates Sign up

TSDates.com works because it enjoys popularity among the transgender community with millions of visits and new memberships. There are a lot of personal stories available online that speak to the impact TSDates has had on the lives of many. If you want to have a success story of your own, you can try TS Dates for free by creating a profile. The registration process is simple and should only take you a few minutes. Besides, the site allows you to use the site even before you upload photos to your profile. Here is all you need to get started.

Information you’ll have to provide

TSDates has a host of great features that work to help singles skip the small talk and find real deal playmates. However, the formula only works if the user provides all the information required. On the ‘join now’ page, you will be asked to identify your gender. Other information includes your personal information, such as first name and email address. You can also include your location, background information, as well as likes and dislikes. For success, you should consider providing every bit of information that can help other users determine if you are a match.

Verification process

The verification stage is also as simple. Once you have provided and answered all the personal questions, you will proceed to the last stage, where you are required to verify your account. The verification process helps determine whether a user is real or fake. Once you have filled all personal questions, an email notification is sent to you. The message will include a link. You need to click on the link to verify your email address.

Time it takes to get approved

The account approval process does not take long. Once the new user has filled out the required information and fulfilled all terms and conditions, you can get approval within a matter of minutes to 24 hours. In the account approval stage, the website administrator only needs to verify that everything is in order with TSDates terms and conditions.

TSDates Account

If you are considering joining TSDates.com, then it is essential to get a sense of what it means to become a member of TSDates. You would want to be sure that this platform has all the kind of features you need to tailor your partner search to your desires. Here is an overview of how TSDates accounts work.

TSDates Profile structure

Creating an online dating profile might be the easiest on this website. However, it also requires some thought, effort, and consideration. First off, TSDates allows users to create accounts as a man, woman, couple, group, or Trans individual. The Trans users can either identify as transgender, transsexual, or transvestite. The user is then advised to pick the category where they want to find a soul mate, friend, or sex partner.

When it comes to the profile picture, the user can upload at least five images to their profile. Alternatively, the user can also skip this step and choose to upload photos to their profile later. Online dating has its ups and downs. It can also be fun. A complete profile should offer other members a glimpse into your life and all your interests. TSDates also offers a unique feature; ‘My Blog’ that allows the user to share stories and posts. So get creative and have fun making a good dating profile so that people enjoy reading about you.

TSDates Search

Searching for potential playmates on TSDates is easy. It should only take you a couple of minutes to have a complete profile. Of course, if you want to dive in and find a perfect match, then you should try the discovering feature. It takes a bit longer, but that is because TS Dates has plenty of users with a diverse array of personal expression.

If you want to meet transsexual singles on TSDates, then you need to know how to describe your ideal match. On your TSDates.com profile, you have a wide range of filters you can use, including background, interest, lifestyle, and more.

Basic Search Features

As a full-fledged member, you can begin using basic search features and initiate contact with other members. Some of the basic filters for the search for a match include:

  • The gender you are seeking
  • Your gender
  • The age group you desire
  • The geographical location of potential matches (you can refine your search by a radius of certain miles from a particular point)
  • The join dates for potential matches
  • Their last login
  • You can also search based on the member who has uploaded photos or video, who are on instant messaging, or online users
  • You can also restrict search results to a profile that has been confirmed or verified.
  • The user can also filter searches to members based on their subscription plan, either Gold or VIP members.

If you want, you can also save your search preference to make discovery easier next time.

Advanced Search Features

If your potential match search turns up a lot of candidates, then it might be time for you to refine your search even further. Most online dating websites comes with plenty of advanced search feature, but TSDates.com is different in that it offers users a wealth of filtering preferences. The user has the option to conduct an advanced search using features such as search types, sorting options, and other filters. These features allow the user to filter through potential matches by ethnicity, lifestyle, occupation, salary, interests, and personal attributes.

Matching process

Matching process

TSDates.com generates matches every time the user initiates a search. The user can quickly go through the daily matches and check whether or not they are interested while refining the search parameters to the TS Dates to identify the ideal playmate. This information allows TSDates.com to deliver you compatible matches from your preferences. Once you identify a good match, TSDates enables you to initiate contact with the particular member.

Getting in touch

You have completed an online dating profile, taken the perfect profile picture, and uploaded some videos to your feed. Next, you searched for potential matches, and now it is time to reach out to the one that caught your eye. Composing a message for an online match can be daunting, but the hardest part is delivery. With TSDates, communication with a potential match varies from reaching out via email to sending an instant message.

The only downside is that to send some messages. Then you will need to incur some financial cost. Even if you don’t want to chat, you are required to make a payment to send a flirt. You can also join a chat room, for a small fee, and enjoy a conversation with other users. In any case, the messaging room is pretty slick and well-designed. It also comes with the features you are accustomed to in a typical messaging app, such as seeing who is online.

Chat features and interface

Video chat is quite popular nowadays. TSDates also integrates video chat that offers an excellent way to screen your match further. Besides, it also helps reduce the expense and time wasted on awkward meetings with someone you never realize you would date. TSDates offers users a chat room that is designed to replicate that real-life conversation, which will likely translate into a more relaxed and casual relationship.

Is TSDates safe

Is TSDates safe?

It is always a good idea to some research about the safety record of a dating site before diving headfirst into account creation. TSDates has a safety tips page that offers each user advice on how they can stay safe on the platform. Users can also alert the website administrator of any suspicious activity to help protect other site members too.

Data privacy and protection

As more people engage in TSDates, it becomes necessary to take measures to protect their data. TSDates requires users to provide sensitive information such as geographical location and sexual orientation. As such, this may raise concerns over user privacy in the online dating environment. When it comes to data protection, TSDates has taken measure to ensure all data relating to their users are stored safely.

Are there many scam profiles

Not everyone who uses an online dating platform is out there to look for love. This is a well-known fact and a problem that affects all online dating sites. TSDates, like all other dating sites, take such activities and fraudulent representation seriously. When a user identifies suspicious activity within the platform, they can alert TSDates for immediate investigation and action.

How is it moderated (How does the brand deal with scam profiles)?

To keep scammers away, TSDates conducts a rigorous confirmation and verification process. Also, when a fake account is identified, TSDates is known to take immediate action and bar the user from the site. Besides, the website also has a safety page that educates members on how they can identify scams on the platform, and how to report them.


There is always a support team on standby at TSDates. The customer service allows users to communicate their queries to the team, who help out within the shortest time possible. Users can contact support on directions and assistance concerning a wide range of issues. Also, the support team guards the platform to ensure members are not violating the terms and conditions of using the TSDates.com website.

Website usability

When it comes to website design, TSDates.com features a stylish and colorful look. It features a red, blue, and white background with black fonts. The website provides the user with a considerable amount of options and features that enhance the overall experience. The number of members and activity on the site speaks to the usability and reputation of the platform. TSDates website promotes inclusivity in a particularly refreshing way.

Is there is a TSDates app available

Unfortunately, there is no TS dating app available. However, users can use the desktop version to interact with other users.

Membership options

Membership options

There are two categories of subscription services offered on TSDates: Free and Fee-based service. Here is how they compare;

TSDates Version (or free trial)

The free trial account offers limited features. However, the user can choose to purchase additional services separately. The free membership account allows you to:

  • Watch other users and go live yourself
  • Use instant message
  • Use the live chat to talk to models
  • Create a hotlist of 200 profiles
  • Upload pictures and video
  • Access the Magazine
  • Write and read blogs

Premium features

The Gold account allows the user to:

  • Use advanced search filters
  • Access complete user profiles
  • Initiate contact
  • Send flirts and friend requests
  • Simultaneously watch live members
  • Create a hotlist of 1000 profiles
  • Access to Sex Academy
  • Priority customer support

*TSDates Pricing*: Plans and prices

The cost of a TSDates Gold Membership account is as follows:

  • 1 month for $40 at $40 per month
  • 3 months for $81 at $27 per month
  • 12 months for $240 at $20 per month
Cancelling TSDates subscription and deleting profile

Cancelling TSDates subscription and deleting profile

To cancel your TSDates.com subscription, you should go to the profile setting page. Scroll to the billing section and turn off auto-renew. Alternatively, you can contact TS Dates customer support for assistance.



The TS dating site is cut above the competition. You know the moment you arrive at TSDates.com that you are going to have a fantastic experience in this tranny dating app. Test out the features yourself and makes the most out of your TSDates membership. It is like an adventure where you never know what might come your way. The website seems well-designed and user-centric, particularly for the transgender community.

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