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Waplog Review: The Best Friend-Making Service Just For You

Waplog Review: The Best Friend-Making Service Just For You
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 84%
Popular age 18-35
Profiles 6.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • This app is fantastic for finding friends. You can use your GPS to search for people in your vicinity.
  • You can message and chat free of cost.
  • Connecting to other social media such as Facebook is easy.
  • Waplog is one of the best free dating websites, you don't have to pay to use it, but you can upgrade it.
  • Any kind of user can enjoy this app, and it is effortless to use. The interface is straightforward.
  • There are not many features that you can use here.
  • You have to pay to get the upgraded membership.
  • There are sometimes fake people on this website.
  • Waplog sometimes forces the users to give it ratings in the Playstore, which is annoying.
  • The number of users is not much as compared to the other websites.

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Every new thing must be tested, right? You may go through this Waplog review and start a new way of making friends. If you are looking for someone nearby to hang out with, and if you are just bored alone, it is your time to get out of the box and think about trying something new. You will get many dating and chatting apps that will promise you to make the best result, which is not always correct. So, this is the time to create a Waplog account and start finding people around and near you.

The concept is the same as the standard social media like Facebook or Tinder. But in Waplog, you will be able to use your location and find friends nearby. You can put status and pictures, comment on others, and also can do live chatting. This website is one of the best ones in modern times. Waplog is mainly dedicated to singles, married, or any person who wants to join and make friends. Here, you will find many married people who wish to find some good friends to make their time better.

What Are The Users Like?

What Are The Users Like?

The user distribution is a bit odd for Waplog. More than 65% of the total are male users, and 35% are females. This kind of structure makes local dating sites difficult to use. Mostly, people expect to have an equal gender ratio in any dating site. Even though this is an issue, Waplog is still a popular one among users. You will find more men and fewer women, so this can sometimes be challenging. By virtue of this Review, you will get a clear idea about all the questions that you might have on your mind.

Most of the users are from the United States. Then the second position is for the users from the United Kingdom. Astonishingly a good part of it is that almost six thousand new users are adding every day to this service. As people are used to the traditional social media like Facebook and Tinder, Waplog can take a bit more time to increase the considerable audience.

The Particular Target Of This App

Waplog chat is mainly for the singles that are living in almost the same area. Once you allow it to use your GPS, you will be able to meet local people. But this app is for both men and women of all ages and groups. Although most people are single here, you can search for your age group and find the best match.

As said before, via Waplog, the male users are prevailing right now, but as there is a good increase in the number of users, females will be equal with males very soon.

Waplog and Its Worldwide Distribution

What you find in this review is the nature of the Waplog service, a universal app with a vast number of users. Most of the users are from the USA. The number is very high, like 6,000,000. But the count from the other part of the world is not small. People from all over the world are using it to meet friends online.

What Ethnic Group does It target?

Again, there are no particular specifications as per the public review. This app and website are open to all ethnic and religious groups. You will find friends from all the religious groups. There is no discrimination among users.

People And Age

People And Age

Waplog is solely made for singles who are located near to each other. Now, these singles can be of any age group. Once you are above 18, you can log in and meet local singles.

  • You will find people from 18 to 65+ here.
  • Most of them are singles, but some people might be here to make only friends who could be married also.

Male and Female Ratio

  • Waplog has more than 21000 daily logins, and you will be able to find your local friends through this app.
  • The ratio of male and female is a bit undistributed here.
  • 65% are males, and 35% are females.
  • With the daily increment of the users, the ratio will become even soon.
Getting Started: Waplog Sign-up

Getting Started: Waplog Sign-up

Waplog is very different from other apps. It will not bother you with a thousand questions and personality tests. It will take less than 5 minutes to build and make an account.

  • The Waplog sign up is very easy, and a few steps combine the whole process.
  • Anyone can start using it with their email address or link it to Facebook.
  • If you choose to sign up with Facebook, then your information will be automatically updated from Facebook.
  • Use the mobile app to meet friends and have an excellent time together.

What Information I Need To Provide

As said earlier, there are no personal questionnaires here, and you don’t have to give much information about yourself.

  • You need to enter your date of birth to prove that you are over 18.
  • You need to give your email id or Facebook id to make your profile.
  • A profile picture will give your account a more realistic look.

Verification of Your Account

Once you have entered your email, it will send a letter, and you’ll have to verify it to Waplog sign up. Once you complete this, your account is ready to use and modify. The admins will go through your account to check any false or ‘more than required’ information. Your profile picture will also be screened.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Connecting your Facebook account will make the process very easy and less time-consuming. But if you input your mail-id manually, then you have to input all your information. Still, it won’t take more than a few minutes.

What Is the Structure of Your Profile?

Waplog chat dating is an exciting experience, and the site is convenient and easy to use. Your profile creation is secure; your profile structure is also quite good. The following are the points you need to remember before creating your profile:

  • The user interface is easy, so you will be able to use it without any problems.
  • Notification will come to you after any user likes or comments in any of your pictures and status.
  • There is a moderator who will approve your profile picture after your Waplog login. This is to avoid any kind of fake or vulgar user.
  • Other profiles are detailed and easy to understand.
  • You can change the information in your profile anytime.
  • Seeing the profile picture is free of cost, and you need not get the premium membership for it.
  • At the time of your first use, go through the whole app, and get an overview of how it works.
    • Waplog Search

      The searching process within this app and website is as easy as the other features. You can use filters, GPS, and many other features to get the best of them.

      • You can search for people by name or area in the given ‘search box.’
      • The app will find a better partner by matching with other profiles.

      Basic Features Of Searching

      Some features are fundamental; and like other local dating sites it has:

      • Search by the area you live or allow the GPS to find it for you.
      • Search for a particular person’s name.

      Specialized Searching Options

      There are some particular options available for the premium members. If you opt for it, you will get more filters to search for your match. But the searching process is almost the same for both in free and paid options. There are not many complications.

      Of course, you need to get your Waplog match to proceed. You are here to match with other people. The process is the following:

      • This is actually one of the specific areas of dating apps. You have to enter your GPS, and the app will suggest to you people from your locality.
      • You need to add some necessary information to your profile while you modify it. So, your matches can be generated from the information you provide.
      Getting Started With Waplog

      Getting Started With Waplog

      Okay, so you created your Waplog account and got your match. Now, it is time to start connections with them. There are many ways one can start talking or chatting with the other person. The process is easy and free. You need not pay any money to create an account and to chat with anyone.

      • Chatting with other members is free. And you can use Waplog live chat for the real-time chatting experience.
      • Find your friends by using the filters. You can go for your local friends or surf through any profile from the 50 countries across the world.
      • If you like a member, then you can click the call-to-action key and start chatting with them.
      • You will get live notifications to know who liked your profile and who wants to chat with you.
      • Talking with others and sending messages are totally free of cost.
      • There are chat rooms available. You can create your own chat room as well in Waplog.

      Special Chatting Options

      Messaging is free for all the members, and you can go and visit other profiles as well. But there are features that make this site special.

      • Video chatting is a new addition to this Waplog dating site. You can do live-chats now with videos.
      • You can upload videos and pictures. You are allowed to like others’ photos and videos as well.

      The Safety and Security of Waplog

      You might have this question in your mind that you might get exposed as you give so much information. Suppose you are chatting with someone, and suddenly you see that chat on the whole internet. Well, it sometimes happens with some apps that are not much ethical to their promises. But Waplog is an extraordinary app and website that ensures you with safety.

      • There are some admins and moderators who keep checking the users across this app.
      • Any user can report their issues to the team, which will immediately result in it.
      • Every account is verified before it shows on your screen. So, you can have faith in the process of finding friends.

      You can check the following ratings of Waplog.com to understand how people trust it:

      Signing Up: 3.0 / 5

      Making Contact: 3.0 / 5

      Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5

      App: 4.0 / 5

      Real Life Review: 3.0 / 5

      So, it is quite a good review to go for this app.

      Privacy Of Your Data

      Privacy Of Your Data

      In your profile, you can choose the information that you want everyone to see. When you create a profile, you have to enter some essential information such as your date of birth and email id. Except for these, all other information is in your control. You can go to the ‘Privacy Setting’ and change the information or the audience that can see it on Waplog.

      Dealing With the Scam Profiles

      Waplog has a significant and secure team. But sometimes there are some people who make realistic fake accounts that are hard to identify. These people can spam your folder and can disturb you in many ways.

      If you get any of such issues, you can directly report that account by giving your complaints to customerdesk@waplog.com.

      Moderators and Admins

      There is a panel of admins and moderators who look over the profiles in Waplog. The moderators will check your Waplog account as well as others’ to keep the environment pleasant and acceptable. You will not feel any harassment here. But in case you face any issue, you can complain to the team.

      Help And Support Team

      Help And Support Team

      Waplog is an excellent and friendly environment to create new and better friends. To ensure your good time, there is a team that works behind it.

      • The designer team is developing the interface regularly to give you a secure platform.
      • In case of any occurrence, you are allowed to report any particular user.
      • If you want to give your feedback or other suggestions, mail it to customerdesk@waplog.com. The team will be glad to help you.

      Features Of the Platform

      Waplog started its journey with a website to find friends online. The service is open for all. You can create your account and then start making friends.

      • The platform has a straightforward interface. You will understand once you enter.
      • It gives you the login/sign-up page at the beginning of the website. You may create your Waplog account to proceed further.
      • You can’t access the services without making an account, but you can see the Waplog features.
      • The buttons and keys are brightly visible. An accessible drop-down menu to get more detailed information is available.
      • After making the account, you can search and chat with anyone you want.
      • Overall, the website is secure, understandable, and safe to use.

      A Good Find Friends App

      With the incremental use of the Waplog website, the developers came up with a fantastic app version of it to give you better access. This software is free to download from the PlayStore or Apple store. The features are pretty the same in the app with the comparison to the website. The characteristics are the following:

      • The Waplog app is available free in the PlayStore and Apple store.
      • The interface is user-friendly and straightforward to use.
      • As discussed in the login section, connecting the app with your Facebook will automatically generate information just, like the website.
      • You will get the notifications in the app if and when someone likes your account or uploads.
      • You can upload videos, pictures, and stories via mobile and PC app.

      Premium and Free Waplog Version

      There are two types of membership available on this website and app to meet local singles. You can choose anyone you wish. Some special features are there in the Premium membership, but the first term is the same for both. The interface for both is catchy and colorful. You will be able to avail of some fewer options in the free service.

      Waplog Features For the Free Users

      • You will have a free Waplog account registration.
      • Creating your profile is free.
      • You can filter and search for members.
      • Doing live chat and creating chat rooms is also free.
      • Upload videos and pictures.
      • View others’ profile pictures.

      These were a few of the features available for the users who aren’t paying. There are many other features within.

      Special Features For Premium Members

      If you opt for the paid service, you will get some additional services along with the previously discussed free services. Waplog app gives you the chance to grab the opportunity to get something more. The features of the paid members are the following:

      • Boost your account so that it is visible to most of the users.
      • Access your account without any disturbance of advertisements.
      • You can send unlimited messages to unlimited users.
      • You will be able to check if the other person reads your message.
      • All the features given in the free membership are also applicable here.

      Waplog Pricing and Plans

      The app version is as enjoyable and useful as the web version. In both versions, you will get the chance to take the premium membership. The costing is not much, and you can afford it easily if you want to meet local singles and have a pleasant time.

      There are options to take short or long term membership from one month to one year. You can change it if you want. The vast options are given for you to have a fantastic experience with Waplog.

      The cost plan is the following:

      Time Charge/Month Charge/Total

      1 Month 9.49 USD / Month 9.49 USD

      3 Months 8.00 USD / Month 23.99 USD

      12 Months 4.75 USD / Month 56.99 USD

      The money will be deducted from the provided account after every trial. If you want to stop the premium membership, you need to cancel it. Choose from these and get the best of your deals.

      Cancelation of Waplog Profile and Account Erasing Process

      You might have found your perfect match from Waplog, and now you want to stop using it. Or it might be like you want to take some time as a short break. Waplog understands your feeling, and that is why there are options to delete your whole profile.

      There are options to cancel the premium subscription as well.

      • If you just want to cancel the subscription, then you can go to your Waplog account and stop the premium service.
      • If you don’t prevent the premium service, it will keep deducting your money from the account, so be careful of that.
      • Once you stop it, you will still be able to use the free services.
        • In the case you want to delete your entire account, you have to go to the ‘account setting’ on the left side of the interface. Find the ‘Delete account’ option, and it will erase your every information from the database of Waplog.

          Choose Waplog For The Best Dating Experience

          Waplog is a well-known and vastly used app around the world. This Waplog review was all about describing and explaining all the features of this beautiful dating site. Not only for dating but also to find and make local friends, you can opt-out of this wonderful service. The admin panel is always there to help you in any way you want. Waplog is rated and reviewed as the best app to meet friends. It is an excellent choice for people who want to make some real and good bonding with others.

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